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Have an amazing sunset photo that needs to be discovered on your feed? Whatever you do, don’t use #sunset!

Everybody and anybody uses #sunset on their sunset photos thinking that bigger is better.

California sunset photography


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Bigger is Not Always Better

#Sunset has 221 million posts! With everyone in the world using this generic hashtag, the odds are that your post will be pushed to the bottom in mere seconds. This hashtag is used so often and is too popular. Bigger is not always better in this case.

Bali sunset photo perfect for Instagram


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More Organic Insta Views

If you want more organic Insta views to come to your profile, you should only use sunset hashtags that have less than 1 million posts. Since sunset posts are so popular on Insta, it takes a bit of research to find these. Luckily for you, I’ve already done the research for you.

sunset at three sisters falls trail

30 Sunset Hashtags under 1 Million

  1. #sunsetsofinstagram
  2. #sunsetskies
  3. #sunsetview
  4. #sunset_love
  5. #sunset_hunter
  6. #sunset_madness
  7. #sunset_universe
  8. #sunset_today
  9. #sunset_lovers
  10. #sunsetoftheday
  11. #sunset_specialist
  12. #sunset_captures
  13. #sunset_super_pics
  14. #sunsettime
  15. #sunsetsky
  16. #sunsetgram
  17. #sunsetchaser
  18. #sunsetsnipers
  19. #sunsetcolors
  20. #sunsetpics
  21. #sunsetshots
  22. #sunsetphoto
  23. #sunsets_oftheworld
  24. #sunsetscape
  25. #sunsetcolor
  26. #sunsetaddict
  27. #lovesunset
  28. #ilovesunsets
  29. #sunsetmmagic
  30. #sunset_hub

As of July 2019, these 30 sunset hashtags are all under 1 million posts. Feel free to copy/paste these onto your posts to get more Insta views to your profile.

Leave a comment below and let me know how much of an increase you saw!


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Grab this list of 30 Instagram hashtags for sunsets to get more engagement on Instagram and to help more people see your Instagram pictures. These sunset hashtags for Instagram are the ones I use on my Instagram feed to increase my reach. #sunset #instagram #hashtaglist | hashtags for sunset | sunset hashtags for Instagram | sunset hashtags Instagram | instagram hashtags photography



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