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Listed in the Top 10 Social Media Coaches of 2020 by Yahoo Finance, Kamelia Britton helps entrepreneurs grow a profitable online presence with purpose.

A former travel and lifestyle influencer turned Instagram & Holistic Success Business Coach, she now helps entrepreneurs grow their personal brands and scale their businesses without burnout. She has a deep understanding of Instagram through her working experience with major brands such as GoDaddy, Expedia, and The Four Seasons.

In her Instagram Success coaching program, Kamelia teaches entrepreneurs how they can benefit from high-quality content, giving them personalized mentorship and ensuring they are maximizing their potential online.

Kamelia has overcome her own adversities in the past few years and officially beat breast cancer in 2020. This has given her a new perspective on life and inspired her to empower high-achieving entrepreneurs to scale without burnout through Intuitive Business & Success Mindset Coaching. 

She’s co-authored 3 best-selling books and has spoken internationally. If you want support to reach success, Kamelia has the breadth of experience to get you there. You can find her on Instagram at @Kamelia.Britton

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and oh what a journey it has been!

Before I was ever a blogger or a coach, I was just another girl trying to live her best life. Growing up in small-town Orange, Texas, I had a very modest upbringing. My parents were really young and my mom battled addiction so we didn’t really have much money to go around. Needless to say, traveling wasn’t even a thought during that time in my life.

My focus was more on survival mode and creating a better life than the one I’d been given. I put myself through nursing school, graduated with honors, and made my way out to San Diego alone for a nursing job.

In 2006, I took a 2 week trip to Europe with some friends. Little did I know that it would change the course of my life. Being outside of my comfort zone in a foreign land, had me taking on new challenges while experiencing life in a whole new way. Travel made me feel so alive and I knew I wanted more, but I had no idea how I was ever going to pay for it.

So of course I did what any other 25 year old would do and turned to Google for the answer to my problem. Searching “How to Travel for Free” led me straight into the wonderful world of Travel Hacking. Finding ways to make something out of nothing was already my specialty because I had lived it for so long, so this was a no-brainer.

Soon enough I was an expert at travel hacking and graduated to the magical world of Error Fares. Using these methods, I was able to travel the world for pennies. I once went to Amsterdam for the weekend because it was $193, and before that, I snagged an around-the-world ticket for $325. This was all done in between working my 12-hour shifts as a nurse of course.

Everyone I met wondered how I was able to pull it off. So in 2016, I started this blog and built the Complete Guide to Error Fares. I always loved photography and took endless photos of everything when traveling. Shortly after I started sharing my travels on Instagram, brands took notice of my work and I was offered paid partnerships through my content within the first year.

In 2018, I was able to quit my nursing job and was pretty much exploring a new country once a month as a full-time travel blogger. All of my hard work had paid off and I was truly living my dream. Once again, everyone started asking for my advice on how to navigate Instagram and so I started coaching, speaking on stages, and even hosting my own educational events. Things were really taking off. 

Then suddenly, in July 2019, the unexpected happened. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and my whole world changed yet again. I made the choice to share my breast cancer journey online to empower others facing their own challenges and to create a guide for the women who would unknowingly come after me. 

In September I was forced to take a break from travel to go through chemotherapy and I found myself searching for new meaning in my life. This also came with lots of time in bed recovering from awful symptoms. I knew I couldn’t just lay around and “rest up” through the entire year of treatment. Even though no one would’ve blamed me, I just would’ve gone crazy doing it.

Instead, I meditated every day, sometimes for up to 45 minutes, imagining myself healed, happy, and whole. In one of my meditations, a date came to my mind; it was December 8th, and intuitively I knew that was the day I’d be healed. Even though it didn’t seem possible at that time with a 2.5 centimeter tumor growing rapidly, I chose to release the limiting belief that it was “impossible” and reframed it in my mind as “totally possible”. On November 27th, after only 6 rounds of chemo (I was prescribed 16 total),  I had an MRI to check the size of the tumor. I was shocked when they told me that it didn’t even show up on the scan. My mind was blown, and even though they couldn’t claim my remission yet, I knew I was already healed.

I continued to go through the rest of my treatment just to be safe and since I wasn’t traveling anymore, I used this time to grow my Instagram Coaching business. I was helping my clients by sharing everything I knew into a comprehensive program.

Shortly after that, the world went into a pandemic and everyone wanted to move their businesses online. I then created a Business & Mindset Coaching program to empower others to create a life of freedom and abundance just as I had. 

In July 2020, they announced what I already knew in my heart; that I was fully healed and cancer-free. I knew I had to share what I learned so I created a mindset coaching program. Through this experience, I created The IMPACT Method™ which deconstructs & reframes limiting beliefs and I also created The REV Method™ which rewires your brain with the new chosen beliefs. It’s what I used myself during this hard time of my life and today I am happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

Life is full of twists and turns, but every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Mindset is everything, and it can help you or hurt you. The choice is yours.

My purpose here now is to touch as many lives as I can by sharing all that I’ve learned. Whether it be in business, mindset, or everyday life, if it will help someone else, then I’m here for it. 

Life is limitless and we have the power to choose our own adventure. If you hang out with me long enough, you’ll feel the same way too. The only impossible journey is the one that you never begin. So take the first step. Are you ready?

To your next adventure,


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