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Your gut is where it all begins! And no, I’m not talking about your cute little middle. 🙂 I’m talking about your internal gut, the one that digests whatever you’re putting in and sends the message to the rest of your body, for better OR for worse.

You Are What You Eat

Did you know that 70% of your immune system actually lives inside your gut? Crazy right?!

I’ve talked about boosting immunity before because it’s so incredibly important. Eating a healthy diet, along with daily probiotics helps to keep your immune system working at its best; especially during this crazy pandemic!

COVID-19 has changed the world, and we need to be more aware than ever about keeping our immune systems healthy and happy. Plus a healthy gut makes for a happy body!

Here’s a super easy (and yummy!) way to make sure that you get your daily dose of probiotics.

Try This Easy Probiotic Parfait for Immunity & Gut Health - Activia

How to Make a Probiotic Parfait

So why do I call it a Probiotic Parfait? 

Because it contains billions of probiotics for your gut health. Bonus that the toppings have a long shelf life and are easily ordered online. This way you can keep safe and #StayHome. It’s also a balanced mix of protein, fat and carbs that will nourish your whole body.

The Probiotic Parfait basically gets the job done without all the fuss. It’s great for a fulfilling midday snack, especially when you’re in between work and home school. 😉

Just take 1 Activia yogurt cup and pour it into a small bowl. We like to use the strawberry or blueberry flavor, but any flavor will do!

Then simply add some dried fruit, nuts, and maybe even some honey. Here I’ve used dried cranberries and some pecan pieces that we already had on hand.

Dried fruit and nuts both have a pretty long shelf life and they’re easy to order online. You can store them in the cupboard and make your parfait anytime you like. You can also order Activia online through Walmart Online Grocery pick up or delivery!  

If you’re in the mood for a tropical getaway, but obviously can’t travel due to lockdown, then sprinkle some dried coconut on top. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach for a little taste of paradise. We can still dream, right? 🙂

Try This Easy Probiotic Parfait for Immunity & Gut Health - Activia

About Probiotics

Activia yogurt contains billions of probiotics, which are good bacteria that support your gut health, and this keeps you balanced.

Fun Fact: Though all yogurts have live cultures, they don’t all contain probiotics the way Activia does.

In fact, it contains billions of the exclusive probiotic culture Bifidobacterium lactis DN 173 010/CNCMI-2494.

Activia actually uses this particular strain of probiotic because it’s known for its remarkable ability to survive when added to dairy products. It’s also been shown to survive even after being digested and passing through the gastrointestinal tract with sufficient amounts.

When consumed twice a day for 2 weeks (as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle) Activia yogurt may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive discomforts, like bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort and rumbling.

Activia is a low-fat, non-GMO probiotic yogurt made with grade A milk and provides a regular source of “friendly” bacteria for your intestinal tract.

Try This Easy Probiotic Parfait for Immunity & Gut Health - Activia

Love Your Body

You may not realize it, but your gut health is so important because it’s totally connected to how your whole body feels! Most people only consider improving their gut health when they discover a problem. Prevention is always better than cure in my opinion.

Though Activia is a food product and not a treatment or cure for any disease, it can help keep your gut healthy proactively.

Of course, if you have any concerns about your digestive system, you should always consult a healthcare professional before diagnosing yourself.

Order Activia online at Walmart Online Grocery pickup or delivery and make yourself an easy Probiotic Parfait! Your gut will thank you. 🙂

Try This Easy Probiotic Parfait for Immunity & Gut Health - Activia

This post was created with love, in partnership with Activia & Walmart. As always all opinions are my own.

#ad Having a healthy diet along with daily probiotics helps keep you feeling good! This yogurt parfait recipe with Activia is a super easy and tasty way to enjoy your daily probiotics. ***Activia may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive discomfort. Consume twice a day for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Minor digestive discomfort includes bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort & rumbling. #activia #guthealth #probiotics


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