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Vegas Next Weekend?

If you live in the Los Angeles area and were thinking of heading to Vegas soon, why not take a jet? With JetSuiteX you can now fly like royalty on a travel hacker’s budget! The sharing economy that started with Uber now includes jets.

JetSuiteX flies out of private jet terminals including Burbank, Concord, Las Vegas, San Jose, Mammoth, Carlsbad, and Bozeman. I did a quick search to check prices and was very pleased with the results. Here is an example so you can check it out for yourself.

I chose dates for next weekend just to see what was offered. This ticket flies out of Burbank, CA on a Friday and back from Las Vegas on a Monday. The price is only $338 round trip! A similar flight in coach is $144 at present time. I would consider the jet better than 1st class, so to me, this is amazing value.

Example of travel hacking and flying on a private jet for less

Grab Your Friends & Make Memories!

The jet for this flight is a bit larger than most and has a total of 30 seats. If you have enough friends who want to join you for a fun-filled Vegas weekend then you could easily take over the whole plane. Grab your friends and create your own memories with this bucket list experience. Could jets be the new party bus?

Other routes such as Carlsbad to San Jose had smaller jets assigned with only 6 seats providing a more intimate flight. Prices are only $498 round trip for these same dates.

I’ll definitely be adding JetSuiteX to my list for future flight searches. You can download the app here or visit the website. Make sure to enter promo code UUY3QN to get $20 off of your first flight!

Don’t want to share your jet? Stay tuned for the next article on how to hack your OWN private jet for a fraction of the cost!

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