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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, and chances are you have an account if you’ve clicked on this post. You may spend lots of time scrolling posts from your favorite accounts, but did you know you can actually make money by using the platform? There are many ways that you can monetize your account, and this post will take you through how to monetize Instagram and even start earning 5 figures a month from Instagram.

Become an Influencer

You most likely have seen accounts that call themselves influencers and wondered how on earth they got there. Shifting from sharing content for free to paid starts with a mindset shift. One part of that shift is realizing that companies have a marketing budget and that your work and audience have value.

You should be paid for your work. Constantly getting freebies won’t pay the bills. While you’re starting out, it is okay to work for free to build a portfolio, but start charging once you have a few testimonials and case studies to get paid. 

One of my clients started working with me and was making a few hundred bucks here and there but nothing consistent or high paying. When we started working together, we really honed in on her niche and mission, and she flourished. Because of that improvement and mindset shift, she was able to charge a lot more for her brand deals. In 6 months of working together, she landed a 5 figure deal for one video! You can read more about her story here.

going from free to paid on Instagram requires a mindset shift

Offering Services

If you have services that you offer, use Instagram as a free platform to market those! You can learn about some services that can be offered when you are making money online here.

Many people underestimate how powerful Instagram is for marketing. In order to properly utilize it for marketing, you want to make sure your content is supporting your goals. You want to make sure you are sharing the right kind of posts, not just yesterday’s breakfast.

You can learn more about what kinds of content to share in this post. Making sure your post is getting in front of people’s eyes is important, and choosing the right hashtags can help with that.

use Instagram as a free platform to market your services

Coaching & Consulting 

Coaching and consulting are some of those services that we just talked about that can monetize your Instagram! Figuring out what to coach or consult on can be difficult if you haven’t thought about it before. I have a whole process to help you figure out your audience’s pain points and your field of expertise.

Here are a couple of things to consider; what are your friends asking you? What lights you up and makes you happy?  What do you feel like you could talk about forever – can you write 30 captions on that one topic? How exactly do you find your audience’s pain points? Ask your Instagram audience – use polls in stories. Pay attention to questions you get all the time. 

Once you have your services set, create content around what you want to be known for and connect with your audience in a real and authentic way. When you begin, take on clients in exchange for testimonials and share them. You want to offer this for a limited time and get feedback so that you know how to improve for your paying clients. Share those testimonials, your services, and how you solve problems for clients. People may not know they need your services until you tell them.

investing in your growth helps catapult you to the next level

Making the Right Content and Engaging

Growth on Instagram is important when making money from Instagram. You want to place yourself as an expert in your field. Creating the right content for Instagram and increasing engagement is the foundation of growth. One method my clients see success with is the GROW method, you can start your Instagram growth today! 

Investing in coaching is another way to make sure that you’re on the right track. It can be scary investing in yourself but investing catapults you to the next level. You’ll always have the knowledge that you gain from those investments, and you can use it for future opportunities to make money in even more ways, like becoming a social media manager, for example. One client invested in my coaching, and it paid off! She was able to make back her investment many times over, and takes that knowledge with her every day!

If you want more support on making money with your Instagram, I can help! Shoot me a message or look for one of my coaching programs or courses


how to monetize Instagram and have 5 figure months


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