The Instagram Success Coaching Program

Harness the Power of Instagram to Transform your Business & Life

You’re spending tons of time on Instagram, but your numbers have plateaued and your audience isn’t engaged. 

You’re 100% committed to growing your business, but you’re overwhelmed by the conflicting advice in all those freebies you’ve downloaded.

Sometimes creating your content plan seems as though it takes you away from the important business of serving your clients.

Everyone likes to tell us we can have it all. Very few offer even a hint of how to achieve the sort of holistic success that brings with it a life of both success and freedom. 

I’m here to reveal the ways you can use Instagram to completely transform your business and, at the same time, give you the life you’ve always imagined. And I should know. 

I’m a small-town girl from Texas who came from nothing. I put myself through nursing school and was a nurse for many years. But eventually, I began feeling burned out. I started other businesses and they were successful too, at least from a financial point of view.

It’s About More Than Money

For me, money was never the issue. It was my heart. I wasn’t excited. I felt trapped and unfulfilled.

What I really wanted was freedom, and so I started a travel blog. At first, I was held back by my own limiting beliefs. After all, who was going to pay me to travel the world and have fun so I could write about it? I decided to commit a full year to making it work and I built an incredibly successful personal brand. I absolutely loved the life I’d created for myself.

Then, as I was living my dream life traveling the world – boom! – I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had to pivot again. Using what I’d learned, I began coaching clients on how to use the power of Instagram to scale their businesses while reconnecting with their passion and purpose.

It didn’t take me long to discover that it wasn’t just a business for me – it was a legacy. One that would support others to create a life of freedom while living in their purpose.  

Follow Your True Path

If you feel as though something in your business just isn’t clicking, my Instagram Mindset + Marketing program can transport it – and you – to a better future.

Now’s the time to harness the power and influence that Instagram can provide and optimize your business strategy. 

Using Instagram and a variety of other proven business strategies, I can help you build the foundations to create more freedom in your life and scale your business with soulmate clients.

Imagine this…

Your Instagram account is fun again and people are responding. 

Your numbers have increased. 

You’re collaborating with amazing, like-minded business owners. 

People look to you as a guiding light, an expert in your field.

Your vision is now a reality. 

Tell me, does that sound like what you’d like to achieve?

Excellent, because that’s what we’re going to work towards.

If you’re after holistic success, I can help you use Instagram to grow your business authentically and master your own mindset so that you can increase your impact and your income while doing what it is you love the most.

Get unstuck.

Grow your business.

Choose your own adventure.

Create a life that’s limitless. 

Your Passport to Freedom

My Instagram Mindset + Marketing program is the passport that will take you from…

  • Exhausted to energized
  • Imposter to innovator
  • Self-doubt to Superwoman

Why is this different from all those other courses and programs you’ve tried? Because it blends the two elements that will improve everything you do in your business: mindset and marketing.

When you join me for this unique coaching program, you’ll be on your way to unlimited success. Using Instagram, you’ll grow your brand, connect with your audience in a whole new way, and open a whole new world of opportunities.

I’m here to support your Limitless Success.

Are You Ready?


“When I found Kamelia, I was feeling a little lost in my career. After the pandemic hit, my entire business model changed, and I was unsure of where to go next. I was proud of what I’d achieved so far and had taken myself further than I ever thought I could, but I’d plateaued. I was looking for guidance on the best ways to expand my virtual presence with the ultimate goal of increasing my brand partnerships and working toward greater monetization. Kamelia helped me create a very specific, strategic plan to make those goals a reality. We brainstormed content ideas and she gave me a crash course on how to grow my following and connect with brands I believe in. Within a few months of us working together, many of the long-term goals I set for myself have been achieved already! She really pays attention to who you are and what your brand is about. When things come up, Kamelia always makes herself available and responds to messages quickly. She is so dedicated to my success. Additionally, mindset work is a huge part of our work together. Like so many people, I’d been held back in the past by fear of failing or insecurity. The positive daily affirmations and visualizations of my goals that Kamelia weaves into coaching are now as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth or taking vitamins! If you’re considering working with Kamelia, I’d say do not hesitate—do it!! Working with Kamelia is the best investment you could make in yourself and your business. She has a gift for bringing out the best in people and truly helping them shine!” – Jill 

Jenn was feeling stuck and couldn’t really hone in on her niche which was holding her back from the success she was looking for. She kept going round and round in her head and no matter what, she couldn’t seem to figure it out on her own. From our first call, we nailed her niche and she describes it as “an explosion that went off like a lightbulb in her head saying I got it, this is what I need to focus on!” She has continued to make more and more money as the months pass. Jenn just signed a contract for $11,000 for 1 single post! She’s also grown her Instagram following more than 10,000 followers since we started working together! 

Ellie was really lost and completely stuck when it came to Instagram. She had no sense of direction and was lacking in confidence. There was no rhyme or reason to her posting and she “had no clue” what she was doing. Creating content was really overwhelming, stressful, and giving her anxiety. She didn’t know who her niche market was, what lit her up, or what her passion was. On our first 1:1 call, we figured out her passion, purpose, and niche within minutes. Now she has so much more confidence and clarity. She’s found what truly lights her up and what she’s passionate about. Now she actually looks forward to creating content. Her Instagram followers have more than doubled as well as her engagement!

Amy was feeling really overwhelmed and uncomfortable on social media coming from a corporate background. She felt that Instagram was a big “time suck”. She was overthinking everything and therefore, she was procrastinating. Now, she’s much more at ease and comfortable. She’s even gotten vulnerable in some of her posts. Things that used to take her hours before, she can get done in minutes; allowing her to better manage her time. The whole process feels smoother & easier for her. She feels comfortable on social media and is a lot less stressed. She’s also seen a really big uptick of followers on both of her accounts! 

Shelby wasn’t seeing results in her business and was frustrated with her engagement on Instagram. She tried figuring it out on her own and didn’t really know what was working and what wasn’t.  The program gave her accountability, a clear action plan, and a community to connect and network with. After completing the program she’s had more confidence in running her business online and found her love of social media again. She’s having fun while creating more valuable posts. Plus she’s seen growth in her business and gotten more clients, along with more engagement. She’s excited to see her business continue to grow. 

Savina was lost & didn’t know where to start. She had taken other courses & even worked with other coaches, but she still felt stuck. We got clear on her purpose & she grew her following by 30% in 8 weeks! She now makes an income from her Instagram profile as well as her blog!

Valentina is a wedding planner who was feeling confused & lost when it came to marketing herself on Instagram. Once we started working together she “gained followers in no time”. She also contracted 3 New Clients in 1 month for weddings in Italy, even during a Global Pandemic! She feels excited again about her job and feels more confident since she knows she’s providing value to her audience. Her mindset & attitude have also improved as a bonus.

Gauri was so confused & wasting so much time trying to figure out how to market her business on Instagram. She finally connected with her “Why” & her brand values after she had been struggling with this for years. She knew what her brand & business was about but had no idea how to communicate it in a way that was easy to understand. It also helped her bond more with her business partner, who is also her husband. Now she can confidently speak about her brand proudly & connect deeper to her target audience. Social media is now actually fun for both of them. Her following & engagement has increased as well. She now feels free & happy to be posting on social media while growing her business. 

Averi didn’t even have an Instagram account yet when she started the program. She knew she needed to start one in order to launch & market her new course. She was struggling with how she would speak to her audience about her brand & how she would find her ideal customers. In only 8 weeks she grew her account with amazing engagement, discovered her brand’s core pillars and has a beautiful aesthetic that attracts her ideal client.

Rachel was online searching for answers & strategies in order to build her brand. She couldn’t find what she needed and was overwhelmed, anxious, and confused from the process. Through the program, she learned how to engage with her audience and narrow down her purpose which led to her doubling her followers!

Lydia was blindly navigating through Instagram & wasn’t getting anywhere. Before the program, she felt very lost. After the program, she doubled her following & now has much more engagement. She also feels like her content has meaning & purpose now. Since finishing the program she feels much more confident in her ability to create content that people want. She’s much more excited to move forward because of the confidence that she has. 

Bree had no idea what she was doing when it came to Instagram. She was confused & felt very stuck. Her account had plateaued & she had no idea why. Nothing she did was working. Since the program, she has grown her following, has so much more clarity & feels much more intentional in her content creation. 

Eva was able to get over 10 personal training clients using the methods she learned! Later, she had a nagging feeling that being a trainer wasn’t her true purpose. We did a clarity session & that’s when she realized that her heart was truly meant to be in education. She’s now growing her tutoring business successfully & feels so much more fulfilled!

Melissa had no idea what she was doing when she first started out on Instagram. She was posting at random with no real strategy. She had taken courses before but still didn’t find what she was looking for. After the program, she grew her account & was able to acquire several well-paid brand partnerships! She continues to make more income from her account every month!

Jessica didn’t know where to focus her energy. She felt pulled in lots of directions, always trying to find her “thing”. We did a clarity session & now she’s on her way to building a personal brand based on her values and passions. 

Joel found his purpose after searching for it “forever” & “opened up in ways he never though he could”.

You need this in your life!! The positivity is amazing & I look forward to our calls each time! I honestly thought I was going to just learn about Instagram but having the support has helped me become so much more confident in myself & my ability to make my business evolve into something magical!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
I found a program (and coach) that I LOVE and I feel like I can not only use it to finally get active with my business and brand on social media, but I feel confident that I can use IG specifically to create a whole new pipeline for my business! It's like it marries my desperate need to have a plan for everything with my desperate need to feel purposeful yet authentic on Instagram. And with this program, I haven't been told yet that I have to dump a bunch of ad money into this - it's tons of organic reach and growth, so no backdoor tactics or slimy "become an influencer overnight" crap. And it includes great content guidance on using my IG accounts to create real business growth without feeling icky about posting shallow selfies or pushy sales Kamelia's program so much! "
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Business Plan Writer & Consultant
One of the best things I did for myself is to hire an Instagram Coach and be a part of this Instagram group!! I have learned so much, it's a bit mind-boggling. And Kamelia's "support" is absolutely amazing and life-changing! So glad I invested in myself! FIVE Stars!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Kamelia provided me with an expert audit of my social media platforms with concise strategical improvements. Besides being highly inspirational through her impressive achievements in the social media realm while balancing so many other gigs (making her so much more relatable to me), I loved my entire interaction with Kamelia. While being quick, personable, and humorous, Kamelia spends no time beating around the bush, making her coaching highly ideal for those of us who are in entrepreneurial mode and always onto the next step. Besides giving me the 101 on Instagram (which is my main social media platform at this time) through a colorful presentation, I received value through her personal experience, hacks to succeed on various social media platforms, detailed critiques on my current social media (so valuable), and do-not-make-these-same-mistakes pointers. If you’re looking to excel in the social media realm, Kamelia’s done it. I 100% believe my one-on-one experience with Kamelia was worth the investment, her ideas and critique are so valuable!
instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & influencers
As a small business owner there are times when you feel "stuck", spinning your wheels trying to figure out where to focus the limited energy you have. Kamelia helped me to see things I could not see on my own. She helped me create a plan with actionable goals. Things I can do to grow both in myself and in my business. I'm so incredibly grateful and excited to take action!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Private Chef
Kamelia’s coaching has been a game changer for me and my business! Her strategies for honing in on your target audience have really helped me build up my brand. I had no idea that I wasn’t using my Instagram stories to their maximum potential. Once she taught me her strategies, it's been life changing! Thank you Kamelia!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Salon Owner
Kamelia’s coaching has completely transformed my Instagram strategy! She not only helped me with my mindset and approach to Instagram, but she gave me practical advice and tips on photo editing, helpful apps, how to pitch myself, and what to expect when working with brands. I can’t recommend coaching with Kamelia enough!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Blogger & Podcaster
Kamelia is amazing! I connected with her when I was looking to build interest in a 401c3 animal rescue through Instagram. I was immediately impressed with how patient, knowledgeable and easy to talk to she was for each of our coaching sessions! She gave me the insight to help me actually understand the best way to appeal to my target audience. The amount of information we would cover in each session was astounding, and left me exhilarated to see what I could then produce on my own! Her guidance was truly priceless and changed how I manage my social media accounts now. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to grow their business or passion through Instagram!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Animal Rescue
I hired Kamelia to help me figure out Instagram for my medical spa. We needed help marketing our services to the local community and she gave us a clear path to get the results we needed. The money we invested in working with her came back to us and much more!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Medical Spa Manager
I needed some help learning how to market through Instagram so that I could reach more clients for my esthetician business. I had no idea that I was completely using hashtags all wrong! Now that I've changed my strategies, I'm getting new clients weekly!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Kamelia is such an inspiration! She's so full of knowledge and eager to share it, and us upcoming bloggers really appreciate someone like her. She has helped me so much with tips on how to engage with my followers and distinguish who my audience is. This has helped me to grow my Instagram account! So lucky we crossed paths! Thanks for all of your help Kamelia!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Lifestyle Blogger
Kamelia's know-how is one of those things that makes you fully understand the meaning of PRICELESS! Working with her helped me to clarify some of my own doubts about social-media. She speaks from experience and is just so knowledgable! Understanding what my brand stood for was so important for me in realizing how to speak the right way to my audience. Learning new strategies about when and how to post on Instagram was key. She teaches you all of the possibilities and strategies that are currently working (things change from time to time) to help you grow authentically (one of my main desires). She also helped me to understand and know my value when speaking to potential brands and partners. If you are looking for someone to help you grow your brand, Kamelia is the one!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Beauty Blogger
Kamelia is such a wonderful coach! I really appreciated that she took the time to really study my blog and my Instagram. She has some amazing tips on how to grow my Instagram and my blog. I'm already seeing results! She really made me think outside the box and I always left the sessions with a list of things to do! I got a lot of valuable tips from her and would highly recommend coaching with her!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs and influencers
Travel Blogger
Kamelia has been a tremendous inspiration to me not just as a social media influencer, but also as a person, having heard her story when she first mentored me. Her passion, drive and professionalism mixed together with grace, due diligence and heart, awakened parts of me that I have yet to fully explore. Her knowledge is simply priceless and I recommend her services to anyone who’s serious about reaching new milestones. Thank you Kamelia.
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Content Creator
You may be asking yourself, is working with Kamelia worth the investment? I can say that she really is! Kamelia has been an integral part in helping me create and develop my Instagram presence. She will navigate you through the proverbial fog to assist you in revealing your true motivations and potential. She is a no-nonsense coach who will give it to you as you need to hear it, but in a very constructive and positive manner. You will leave every session with a concrete plan and actionable steps to propel you forward in your social media journey. Kamelia is the real deal!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs and influencer coaching
Kamelia has helped me grow my Instagram in ways I couldn't even imagine! In every session, she shares an amazing wealth of knowledge! She gives me real, honest advice and strategy that actually works! I leave our sessions feeling energized, excited and ready to tackle Instagram. On top of being a kick ass boss babe, she's also down to earth and easy to talk to!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Thank you so much Kamelia for helping us become more connected to our customers on a personal level. It’s exactly what we were missing!
Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs & Influencer coaching
Healing Center Owner