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In under 2 years, my life has completely changed. My passion for travel and photography has allowed me to create a life that most people dream of. Just take one look at my Instagram feed and you’ll see what I mean. Today we live in a world where this is actually possible! What would you do if you could create the life of YOUR dreams?

As an Instagram Influencer, I’ve had a world of opportunities open up to me like never before. I’ve been featured numerous times in the media, I’ve worked with dozens of major brands on paid collaborations, I’ve spoken at conferences around the world, and best of all, I get paid to travel and share my experiences! How amazing is that?! I’m truly living my adventure and I want to help YOU find yours! 

It’s not just for Influencers, ANYONE can grow a personal brand!

I’ve worked with doctors, lawyers, medical professionals, bloggers, pet sitters, hair salons, spin studios, medical spas, and even those who are just starting out and want to become influencers and get paid to share their passions just like I do. With hard work, anyone with a business or a true passion can use Instagram to build their brand! 

Fun Fact: Did you know that there are ONE BILLION active users on Instagram? Not in total. This is EVERY SINGLE MONTH! And that number is growing every single day! The other fact is that you really only need 1,000 true fans to have a successful business. Let me show you how. What is stopping you from tapping into this booming market?

Your Instagram consult & strategy includes the best practices for:

  •  Instagram branding & finding your unique voice
  •  Profile optimization including bio & profile pic
  •  Creating a cohesive feed that people actually want to follow
  •  Maximizing engagement with your target audience
  •  All the scoop on hashtags and how to optimize them for your brand
  •  How to use Instagram stories, polls, and live streams to build your following
  •  And MUCH MORE!

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Half Hour Skype “Quick Tips” Coaching Call


Got some Instagram questions that you need the answers to? The Quick Tips Coaching Call is an easy way to get personalized help that actually applies to you and your brand. This is best for those who just have a few very specific questions. Get the clarity you need and start applying it right away.

One Hour Skype “Custom Strategy” Coaching Call


Are you struggling with Instagram in general? Maybe you have found your niche and maybe not, but either way you wish you had a clear plan on what you should actually be spending your time on. The Custom Strategy Coaching Call is for you. Let’s get clear on who your audience is and how to reach them while cleaning up your profile. 

Much more than 1 hour goes into this call behind the scenes. I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire all about your brand and specific goals at least 24-48 hours before our call.  Then I’ll go and research your brand as well as your competitors to create a custom strategy for you that will lead you to success. 

Three Hour “Deep Dive” Coaching for Instagram Mastery 


Are you ready to make some real money on Instagram? Let’s do this! After the Deep Dive Call you’ll be well on your way to Instagram Mastery. For 3 full hours we are gonna dive deep! Get ready to learn how you can harness the power of Instagram to make REAL MONEY and support your goals. This is for you if you are ready to take your Instagram game to the next level.

You’ll get the custom strategy for the first hour, similar to the 1 hour call. I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire all about your brand and specific goals at least 24-48 hours before our call.  Then I’ll go and research your brand as well as your competitors to create a custom strategy for you that will lead you to success. 

After that, together we will map out the exact steps you’ll take to get you on the right track immediately. 

*With this package, I’ll even give you a shoutout in my Instagram stories!*

Want more info? Send me an email and I’ll personally respond to you within 24 hours. 


Here’s what others are saying about their own experiences!


I purchased a social media and Instagram consult from Kamelia, through which Kamelia provided me with her expert audit on my social media platforms with concise strategical improvements. Besides being highly inspirational through her impressive achievements in the social media realm while balancing so many other gigs (making her so much more relatable to me), I loved my entire interaction with Kamelia. While being quick, personable, and humorous, Kamelia spends no time beating around the bush, making her consult highly ideal for those of us who are in entrepreneurial mode and always onto the next step. Besides giving me the 101 on Instagram (which is my main social media platform at this time) through a colorful presentation, I received value through her personal experience, hacks to succeed on various social media platforms, detailed critiques on my current social media (so valuable), and do-no-make-these-same-mistakes pointers. If you’re looking to excel in the social media realm, Kamelia’s done it. I so believe my one-on-one experience with Kamelia is worth the investment, her ideas and critique are valuable! I look forward to her consult again in the future when I get to my next phase...
Kamelia has been a tremendous inspiration to me not just as a social media influencer, but also as a person having heard her story when she first mentored me. Her passion, drive and professionalism mixed together with grace, due diligence and heart awakend parts of me that I have yet to fully explore. Her knowledge is simply priceless and I can only recommend her services to anyone who’s serious about reaching new milestones. Thank you Kamelia.
Content Creator
Kamelia has helped me grow my Instagram in ways I couldn't even imagine! In every session, she shares an amazing wealth of knowledge! She gives me real, honest advice and strategy that actually works! I leave our consults feeling energized, excited and ready to tackle Instagram. On top of being a kick ass boss babe, she's also down to earth and easy to talk to!
Kamelia’s coaching has been a game changer for me and my business! Her tidbits for honing in on your target audience really helped me build up my brand. I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t using my Instagram stories to their maximum potential. Once she taught me those hacks, it has been life changing! Thank you Kamelia!
Salon Owner
You may be asking yourself, is working with Kamelia worth the investment? I can say that she really is! Kamelia has been an integral in helping me create and develop my Instagram presence. She will navigate you through the proverbial fog to assist you in revealing your true motivations and potential. She is a no-nonsense coach who will give it to you as you need to hear it, but in a very constructive and positive manner. You will leave every session with a concrete plan and actionable items to propel you forward in your social media journey. Kamelia is the real deal!
Kamelia is amazing! I connected with her when I was looking to build interest in a 401c3 animal rescue through Instagram. I was immediately impressed with how patient, knowledgeable and easy to talk too she was for each of our coaching sessions! She gave me the insight to help me actually understand the best way to appeal to my target audience. The amount of information we would cover in each session was astounding, and left me exhilarated to see what I could then produce on my own! Her guidance was truly priceless and changed how I manage my social media accounts now. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to grow their business or passion through Instagram!
Animal Rescue
Kamelia’s coaching has completely transformed my Instagram strategy! She not only helped me with my mindset and approach to Instagram, but she gave me practical advice and tips on photo editing, helpful apps, how to pitch myself, and what to expect when working with brands. I can’t recommend coaching with Kamelia enough!
Wellness Blogger
I'm so glad that I hired Kamelia to help me figure out Instagram for my medical spa! We needed help marketing our services to the local community and she totally gave me a clear path of how to get the results we needed. The money we invested in working with her came back to us and then some!
Medical Spa Manager
I needed some help learning how to market through Instagram so that I could reach more new clients for my business. I had no idea that I was completely using hashtags all wrong! Now that I've changed my strategy, I'm getting new clients weekly!
Kamelia is such an inspiration. She's so full of knowledge and eager to share it, and us upcoming bloggers appreciate someone like her. She has helped me so much with tips on how to engage with my followers and distinguish who my audience is. This has helped me to grow my Instagram account! So lucky we crossed paths! Thanks for all of your help Kamelia!
Lifestlye Blogger
Kamelia's know-how is one of those things that makes you fully understand the meaning of PRICELESS! Working with her helped me to clarify some of my own doubts about social-media. She speaks from experience and is just so knowledge! Understanding what my brand stood for was so important for me in realizing how to speak the right way to my audience. Learning new strategies about when and how to post on Instagram was key. I also realized how much I've needed to engage with my followers and support them back! She teaches you all of the possibilities and strategies that are currently working (things change from time to time) to help you grow authentically (one of my main desires). She also helped me to understand and know my value when speaking to potential brands and partners. If you are looking for someone to help you grow your brand, Kamelia is the one!"
Beauty Blogger
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