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Freedom & Fortune

Holistic Business Codes 

Learn the processes I’ve used in my own business to create a multiple 6-figure income while living a life of freedom AND fortune! 

Your SoulPath Brand

You are your brand, let’s share that! You are here to make a difference while living in your soul’s purpose. Get clarity on your brand essence so you can show up energized and attract your soulmate clients. 

Story Selling 

Start sharing your story the right way for maximum impact. Speed up the know like and trust factor so you can build deeper connections with your audience and make more sales through storytelling. 

Soulcial Media Marketing

Learn the proven strategies and principles of social media that have allowed me to create a multiple 6 figure global brand. Discover your blueprint to social media success so you can post with purpose and authenticity. 

The REV Method™

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome and step into your vivid vision with the REV Method. The REV Methodis my signature manifesting method that my clients have used to manifest more money and bring their SoulPath to life! 

Soulful Sales

Selling doesn’t have to feel icky! Use my Soulful Sales signature framework so you know exactly what to say when speaking with potential clients. Showcase and own your value so you can sell with ease.

Money Mindset

Uncover your abundance blocks and limiting beliefs so you can align yourself with success. Activate your wealth with the Frequency of Fortune hypnosis download. 

Potent Productivity 

Stop spinning your wheels with the wrong tasks and boost your energy so you can start moving the needle in your business. 

Your Freedom Map

Success means nothing if you’re too exhausted to enjoy it. Create a business that thrives with your limitless lifestyle. 

4 Months of 1:1 Coaching – $7777 

  • 8 Private Coaching Calls on Zoom (Calls are 1 hour each twice a month)
  • 8 Personalized Action Plans curated for you after each call so you know exactly what to do next
  • Daily Private Messaging & Voice Texting Access for Additional Coaching Between Calls (Monday – Friday via Voxer) 
  • Personalized Hypnosis Audio Download to Support your Goals & Success
  • Personalized Strategies to Increase Wealth, Freedom, Inner Peace & Holistic Success
  • The REV Method™ Manifesting Method

4 Months of Group Coaching – $2222 

  • 8 Group Coaching Calls on Zoom (Calls are 1 hour each twice a month)
  • Daily Community Support Access for Additional Coaching Between Calls (Monday – Friday via Slack) 
  • Hypnosis Audio Download to Support your Goals & Success
  • Strategies to Increase Wealth, Freedom, Inner Peace & Holistic Success
  • The REV Method™ Manifesting Method


Dr. Heather Jett was feeling extremely stuck and trapped in her work life. She felt that her work wasn’t giving back to her in the way that it used to. She was feeling tired, extremely drained, empty and most importantly she was feeling very resentful. She had lost the excitement in her work and was feeling completely burned out. She was basically at her wit’s end and wondering why she was so successful, yet still feeling trapped. Since working together, Heather has reconnected to her freedom and self-respect. From feeling unseen to feeling freed! Through our mindset work, Heather has regained her confidence and now enters spaces from a place of power and worthiness with a whole new way of being. As she reconnects with herself, she’s feeling more excited and loves who she’s becoming. She’s scaled her business with soulmate clients, increased her rates & made more money without spending more effort.

It was a big game-changer to do the mindset work to figure out the source of my fear; the fear of success, the fear and anxiety I had when faced with taking new risks. When we did the regression hypnosis, I felt free. It has changed my life! I finally understood where this block had come from. A block that had held me back for 30+ years of my life and I never quite knew what it was. And seeing how that had translated for me as an adult, in terms of taking a chance or trying something new and having this deep fear that it wouldn’t work. In addition, the affirmation practice was huge, the way you make it so accessible for someone who feels like “I have no time to do that”. Now I love that I’m really giving myself that time to manifest my dreams. I really feel it has been an integral part of the fact that my dreams are now happening! And now that those have happened, it’s like, now what’s next?! It’s now become part of my day, just like taking my vitamins. And also the mind-body connection, listening to your body. Helping me tune into that and tap into what your body is trying to tell you. I was feeling like something wasn’t right, and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was. I’m so glad you helped me tap into what it is, and what signals to look for. This program has been amazing for connecting to who you are inside and to find that balance. Whether that’s for work or not, I think any woman would benefit from that! – JILL LERMAN – DEVELOPMENTAL PLAY EXPERT

When I first went to Kamelia, I really wanted to see growth in my business. Through her program, I learned how much my energy was connected to my business and its results. I’ve seen a lot of growth by doing the inner work and am seeing major transformation fast. I learned to tap into my inner self, and I’m now building a stronger connection with my intuition and being more comfortable in my natural state. I realized where I was making things harder than they needed to be, due to old beliefs and structures. Like Kamelia says, “It gets to be easy!” I’ve released the guilt I was having around self-care, thinking I should be working harder. Now I spend my mornings taking care of myself first. Before, there was stagnation and moments of frustration, but with Kamelia’s coaching, she helped iron out those creases that I had created. I am my business. Working on myself and working on my mindset, has helped me grow my business in ways that I didn’t even think I needed. I’m now building a stronger foundation in my business to support that growth. I’m definitely thankful and excited about what I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown. – ELECTRA FREDERICK – OWNER OF THE APP “RESPECT THE ARTISTS”

When I found you, I knew I wanted to find stability and work/life balance while growing my business. I had already achieved a version of success but felt stuck on how to make more money and create more free time for my kids and family. You helped me make more money without spending more effort, you taught me amazing marketing strategies, and by our second call, I felt like big shifts were happening. I’ve worked with coaches, including Tony Robbins certified coaches and NLP and self-love coaches. But then, you made more progress with me on known and hidden blocks in minutes than I have in years. To have spent a simple hour with you on a call and to have you not just feel and see issues I was presenting, but to help me put words to them and decode them and detangle them so heartfully, was a serious demonstration of your power and gifts! I leave each call feeling competent, purposeful, driven, creative, confident, capable and in control. I feel the restoration of my inner power. Now life is so much brighter and less draining, and there’s more time for peace and joy. So after this short amount of time, I went from feeling like a less-than, ambitious but unfocused, capable but burned-out, people-pleasing mom and wife and entrepreneur to feeling like Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman or Beyonce – just a powerhouse. Unapologetically loving myself and others, with clear and fair boundaries and a very distinct purpose to deliver value in the world (and yes, the money follows abundantly!) The way you “saw” me and what I needed and helped me work through things at the root level literally changed my life and business

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Lauren had tried lots of different mindset programs for female entrepreneurs. She had tried meditation, and journaling every morning, but once she discovered The REV Method™ opportunities started coming to her out of nowhere and her whole life changed for the better. She loves the simplicity of it and that she gets to choose how to use this success mindset tool in all aspects of her life from business to personal. 

Barbara was trying to build a new business and found it hard because she didn’t have support from her friends & family. There was no one there to cheer her on and she often felt like giving up. Through the program, she gained the steps, accountability, and support she needed to build her confidence & embody her entrepreneurial spirit. Barbara shares that this path of personal growth was worth “more than gold” for her. 

Shelby had a lot of things happen in her business that she wasn’t prepared for and being a part of our community has been a source of positivity in her life. She always leaves our calls feeling refreshed and describes them as “a breath of fresh air”. She’s thankful for an empowering community of women that lift her up no matter what happens. After her coaching calls, she leaves feeling ready to take on the world. Her confidence has blossomed beautifully and she often says she now “feels like a million bucks”.

Valentina was feeling stuck in her job and also feeling shy and unsure about putting herself out there online. She is now feeling excited again and more confident about sharing herself. Now, no matter what happens, she’s confident going in her own direction. She’s discovered how her mindset has changed and empowered her to do that. Valentina has gotten more clients simply by sharing more of who she is. 

This program gives you the extra support and confidence you need to create your perfect version of success based on your life goals. What I thought was self-doubt, was actually a fear of success that was keeping me stuck. Kamelia is great at seeing the real you and helping you work through the blocks. 10/10 recommend!
I found The REV Method™ to be super helpful in overcoming Imposter Syndrome. You can use it anytime on any goal and it works! I think out of everything we learned, that's what I'll most carry forward in my life!
I really liked how Kamelia gave me continuous support on my ideas, but also told me straight when I went off track or doubted myself. Kamelia is a great mindset coach and really helps you believe in yourself! She is really good at getting across the importance of affirmations and a positive mindset. I'm so grateful for this program.
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women