Life Purpose Coaching for Women - Find & Live Your Purpose Without Fear, Stress, or Burnout

I help women connect to their purpose so they can discover the life they were born to live

Recover from stress & burnout with a holistic approach. Only then can you truly connect to your purpose & share your gifts with the world.


Your mind is powerful and creates your life. What you focus on expands. Wire your brain for success without the stress.


Your body is the tool that you use to bring your purpose to life. It must be nourished and cared for. Self care is the key to maintaining a fulfilled life.


Your soul has a purpose that only you can fulfill. Until you discover it, you'll always feel that something is missing. Allow me to guide you on your journey.


What is asking to be created through you? Release the fear and confidently step into the life you were born to live.

Life Purpose Coaching

I empower women to follow their passion and live their purpose without the burnout so they can make an impact sharing their unique gifts.

Connect with your purpose and true desires; outside of the factors of fear, comparison, and ego, all the factors that keep you playing small.

life purpose coaching for women stress burnout coach


Finding my purpose was life changing! I feel so at peace now that I know exactly where I should be putting my energy. I was spinning my wheels trying on different things but nothing felt quite right. I went through the process with Kamelia and I was shocked when my purpose was actually hiding in plain sight! Now I have a clear path on what I'm working towards everyday when I wake up and it feels so good!
I've been bouncing from job to job trying to find my thing. Nothing was really sticking and it was so frustrating. I found Kamelia and she asked me the right questions that led me to my own answers. I had been searching for so long, but wasn't able to get there on my own. I'm so grateful I took a chance because now I'm happily in a new job role that allows me to grow and feel fulfilled.
Working with Kamelia is like having a direct line to Universe in a coach! She is an amazing human being first and foremost and I always find so much value every time I work with her. I love my job and didn't want to quit, but I was searching for more meaning in my life. Kamelia was able to tap into my soul and help me get out of my own head. It was a vulnerable process but she's so easy to talk to so I felt safe.
Oh my... I never thought I could feel so good in a simple talking session. I've been considering a career change but was feeling anxious about leaping into a brand new path. All I can say is that tears are truth. I was skeptical at first but when Kamelia hit the nail on the head for me, I burst into tears. That's how I knew that no matter what my head said, my soul was there to give me the message.

Discover & Live Your Purpose