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You’ve experienced what it’s like to never shut your brain off. For myself and lots of other ambitious women like me, it’s easy to feel like our brains are moving at a million miles a minute!

It’s a blessing to be filled with creativity, motivation, and to always have a plan of action. However, sometimes we can find ourselves ungrounded, out of focus, and downright exhausted.

Unfortunately, it’s not productivity and creativity that cause our minds to overheat. Feelings of stress, worry, and pressure can leave your gears turning for hours after the fact. Trials and disappointments in life can make you feel like you truly aren’t in control of what goes on in your head.

That’s why I, and others like me, have found so much value in meditation. It’s a universal practice for universal issues. Having a strong meditation practice helps you become mentally clear and emotionally calm.

When I was going through cancer treatment while also running my business, meditation was a crucial part of my self-care routine. It helped me clear my head daily with so much happening all at once. 

If you’re an ambitious woman, here’s a simple guide to meditation to help you get more out of the time you have to practice.

Start small

If you’re just getting started with meditation, you don’t have to book a meditation retreat to start reaping the benefits. Even if you only have a few minutes to yourself, you can still give yourself a break with meditation.

Start with only five minutes, to begin with. Use this time to remove yourself from distraction, find a comfortable position, and just listen to your breathing. Let your thoughts pass through your mind without dwelling on them or passing judgment. Just be.

It’s important to remember that you really can’t “mess up” with meditation. Some people new to meditation think they are failing if their mind wanders during their practice, but this is totally normal. Simply think of this time as a gift you’re giving yourself.

After practicing this five-minute meditation, you’ll likely feel more peace and relaxation in your body. Keeping up with this practice regularly can do wonders to reduce your stress overall. No matter how busy you are, you can take 5 minutes for yourself and your mental health. The best part is that there really is no wrong way to spend your time during meditation. 

meditation for ambitious women

Listen to what your mind and body need

Depending on what you’re currently dealing with, you can play around with different types of meditation to find what works best for you.

A good way to figure this out is to ask yourself, “what do my mind and body need right now?

If you’re facing a really challenging problem in life or work, you may just need to give your mind a break from processing. Listen to how your body responds when you do meditations designed to clear your mind. Your body will thank you for the break it’s been given.

Other times, you may need to hone in and focus more. You can do this by eliminating extra “head noise” from your thoughts. In this case, you may want to try meditation techniques meant to bring you more focus and increase your energy.

Through your practice, you’ll find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to switch up your practice now and then to see how your mind and body will respond.

Through trying different practices, you’ll likely find new ways to treat anxiety and optimize your focus. As long as you keep in touch with your body, you’ll find more peace within yourself as you become more grounded. Learning to trust yourself and enjoy the journey is the first step.

Practice intentional breathing

A simple practice to start with is just listening to your breathing – a cornerstone of any meditation practice. If it helps, you can vocalize your breathing in and out to keep your mind from wandering.

It’s not at all uncommon for your thoughts to wander as you’re practicing connected breathing. When this happens, simply let your thoughts pass through your mind. Imagine they are clouds floating across the sky of your mind, and just let them go. All the while returning your focus to breathing.

Try to keep a clear mind by reconnecting with your breath. In just five minutes, you’ll find yourself more relaxed and more connected with your body, giving it a natural release from the stressors of your day.

meditation for ambitious women

Journal about your insights

Journaling can be a great way to keep track of the powerful insights meditation can deliver. After a deep meditation experience, you can record the thoughts, feelings, and sensations you had, so you can refer to them later.

If you find it especially difficult to keep your mind quiet, you can even use journaling as a tool to clear your brain prior to meditation. By brain-dumping all your thoughts out on paper, you can really clear your head and become more receptive to the benefits of meditation.

If you’re looking to incorporate journaling into your meditation routine, you can try some of these prompts here:

  • I am so grateful for…
  • What do I need more/less of in my life?
  • I am most motivated by…
  • What am I noticing about my thoughts right now?
  • What I love most about myself is…

Using visualization meditations

For us ambitious types, meditation can be a powerful tool for the visualization of our next big goal. Or you can boost your mood by using the power of visualization to reconnect with a past memory or feeling that you’d love to return to.

For either circumstance, meditation means the intentional chance to visualize what we desire. If you have a goal or milestone you’re pursuing, incorporate this into your meditation practice: try embodying what it will actually feel like when you achieve your goal. Notice the sensations in your body and the thoughts that come up for you.

Because our mind’s programming is linked with our emotions, the body will remember what it felt like during your meditation practice. So making the jump to actually achieving your goal will not seem so hard by comparison.

If you’re ready to learn more and increase your knowledge on meditation, I invite you to check out my meditation masterclass; where I teach you 3 simple and actionable tools you can take with you anywhere to supercharge your meditation practice.


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