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Aim in Life

How do you go about choosing your aim in life? For me, it all starts with adventure and what kind of adventure you’d like to create for yourself.

Do you remember the “choose your own adventure” books as a kid? I absolutely loved those! I never ever wanted the adventure to end, and I found it so intriguing how the whole story line would change depending on which decision you made when you came to the fork in the road.

Real life is very similar if you think about it. We have so many choices. Every little choice is like a mini fork in the road by which our life is created.

We go about our days thinking life is happening to us, but really we are more in control that we realize. It all goes back to these daily micro choices. So if you have no specific aim in life then you’ll easily get off track.

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Choosing My Own Aim in Life

Today as an adult, I find that I’m not actually much different than I was as that little kid. I’m still just as curious as ever and can’t wait to dive head first into the next amazing adventure of my choosing.

If you really think about it, life is just one big “choose your own adventure” story. So we need to have an idea of what we want to create. Otherwise you’ll be wandering around aimlessly with no real direction. 

Many times when I ask my clients what they actually want in life, they’re surprised at how unclear that really is for them. Everyone thinks they know exactly what they want, until they’re asked to state it very specifically. This is where coaching can help. Clarity is key so that you know what you’re working towards. Then we can easily work on how you’ll get there.

I really started to understand that I could truly create my life when I entered my thirties and that’s when things really started to change. Once I chose a direction and started to run with it, I became unstoppable. Getting clear on what I wanted my life to look like was literally life changing.

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Humble Beginnings

Before I was ever a blogger, I was just another girl trying to live her best life. Growing up in small-town Orange, Texas, I had a very modest upbringing. My parents were really young, and they were divorced by the time I was 2. My mom battled addiction and we didn’t really have much to begin with. Needless to say, traveling wasn’t even a thought during that time in my life.

My focus was more on survival mode and creating a better life than the one I’d been given. I put myself through nursing school, graduated with honors, and made my way out to San Diego alone for a nursing job.

In 2006, I took a 2 week trip to Europe with some friends. Little did I know that it would change the course of my life. Being outside of my comfort zone in a foreign land, had me taking on new challenges while experiencing life in a whole new way. Travel made me feel so alive and I knew I wanted more, but I had no idea how I was ever going to pay for it.

So of course I did what any other 25 year old would do and turned to Google for the answer to my problem. Searching “How to Travel for Free” led me straight into the wonderful world of Travel Hacking. Finding ways to make something out of nothing was already my specialty because I lived it for so long, so this was a no-brainer.

Soon enough I was an expert at travel hacking and graduated to the magical world of Error Fares. Using these methods, I was able to travel the world for pennies. I once went to Amsterdam for the weekend because it was $193, and before that I snagged an around the world ticket for $325. This was all done in between working my 12-hour shifts as a nurse of course.

Everyone I met wondered how I was able to pull it off. So in 2016, I started this blog and built the Complete Guide to Error Fares. I always loved photography and took endless photos of everything when traveling. Shortly after I started sharing my travels on Instagram, brands took notice of my work and I was offered paid partnerships through my content within the first year.

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Aiming Higher

In 2018, I was able to quit my nursing job and was pretty much exploring a new country once a month as a full time travel blogger. All of my hard work had paid off and I was truly living my dream.

In 2019, the unexpected happened. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and my whole world changed yet again. Being forced to take a break from travel to go through chemotherapy, I found myself searching for new meaning in my life.

My hair growth after chemo timeline in Pictures

I began to see life in a whole new way, and I decided to share what I learned about nurturing my mind, body and soul. I also felt called to share more of my story to empower others facing their own challenges.

2020 was a fresh start. I mixed my love for travel and personal development to create beautiful retreats around the world while still serving my clients online at home.

I empower others to conciously choose their aim in life, to connect with their heart so they can create from their purpose.  

Kamelia Britton standing in front of a mural after surviving breast cancer

Life is full of twists and turns, but every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

I’ve faced many challenges throughout my life and I’ve gotten pretty good at overcoming adversity. Mindset is everything, and it can help you or hurt you. The choice is yours.

My purpose here is to inspire you to live your adventure through creating a life that you love. To turn your passion into purpose so you can shine your light in the world.

Trust me when I say that there is nothing in life that is out of your reach if you are fully committed to it.

The only impossible journey is the one that you never begin.

Take the first step.

Define Your Aim in Life

If you could choose to live out your own adventure what would it be?

Would it be to improve your health, to connect with your purpose, or to create a thriving business from your passions?

What’s on your bucket list of life?

What’s that thing you know you wanna do?

Do you feel in your core that you are really living? 

If not, what small choice could you make today that will get you closer to that adventure?

My personal mission is to empower you to discover your own adventure and help you realize that step-by-step, you really can make it your reality.

Life is short, and you have the power make it amazing. Create a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Let’s get clear on your goals and create your own adventure.

I offer life coaching and business coaching for those who are craving more. 

More confidence. More zest for life. More fulfillment.

Does this sound like you?

Book a Discovery Call!

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Find out why setting goals is an important part of your life and how figuring out your aim in life can be life-changing. Read about my journey to finding my aim in life after dealing with breast cancer and how now I am helping others set goals and reach them. #goals #goalsetting #instagramcoach #coaching #lifegoals


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