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Here’s my full breast cancer journey all in one place.

I chose to share my breast cancer story here on the blog and on Instagram with my audience in order to help the other women that I knew would come after me.

If you’re reading this and you just got diagnosed, my heart is with you. I have been right where you are. I scoured the pages of Google for answers, cried myself to sleep, and lived in fear for the first few weeks.

This is the hardest part, it gets better. Trust me. 🙂

Just as I had created the life of my dreams, I got a shocking breast cancer diagnosis and my whole world changed overnight. As I searched for meaning through the pain, I wanted desperately to turn this negative into a positive in any way that I could.

When I got diagnosed, I saw lots of doom and gloom online. Once I went through it myself, I realized it could be done in another way; with grit, grace, and gratitude.

It’s an extremely hard road, but you can get through it. Mindset is everything and it can help you or hurt you. The choice is yours.

Yes, beating cancer is hard, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your happiness. You can still choose to find joy and gratitude for the rest of your life.

I hope you find strength through my posts when you need support from someone who gets it and knows exactly what you’re going through.

I’ve linked all of my breast cancer journey posts here in one place for quick reference so that you can easily save it and come back here anytime you need it.

Also, feel free to share this link with someone who’s just been diagnosed to offer them support.

My Breast Cancer Journey

About Me

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Healing Resources

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Magazine Features

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Instagram posts on the feed

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I’ll be adding more content to this list as I go through my breast cancer journey, so bookmark it to easily check back for updates!

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