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With so many people working online nowadays, you may be wondering how you can do the same, especially while working on your own schedule. The truth is, there are almost endless ways to make money at home online, you just need to start with what you have to find online side hustles that work for you (and that could turn into your full-time job).

Shift your mindset to see what you can offer that others need. You may not even realize you have a skill set that people are searching for! It could be as simple as a 1 hour consultation or something more advanced like starting a blog/course. Keep reading for some more ideas of how you can get started making an income online!


You’ve probably been coaching for free your whole life without even realizing it. If you’ve led yourself through starting a business, growing your social media, any big challenges, etc. you can definitely lead someone else. Start out offering your services for a testimonial and then start working your way up to charging for your time. Continue building your business and growing, and then you can even get into building courses and programs (more on that below). 

You've probably been coaching for free your whole life

Network Marketing

Network marketing is when you recommend products you love and get paid a commission every time someone buys a product. You may already be network marketing and not even realize it.

How many times have you shared where you got your dress or outfit? That is network marketing, and you’ve been doing it for free! Why not recommend a product and make a commission off of it as well?

From food to fashion to travel, and everything in between, there are plenty of programs. This is a super easy way to make a supplemental income while connecting with friends and your community.

Do you think you could do great at network marketing? I’ve got a great guide to a company I love called Savvi Fit here!

Become an Influencer

Before learning ways that influencers make an income online, it is helpful to learn how to get to that “influencer status.” Before you begin, you have to choose a niche you want to be known for, and consistently post in that niche. Once you are established, you can move into lifestyle, but set yourself up as an expert in your niche.

Continue growing by sharing information and value to build authority so people start to know, like and trust you. People will begin to trust your recommendations since you are the expert!

In order to make money as an influencer online, you can start by signing on with an influencer platform. You typically need at least 3K followers to be accepted on some of the Influencer platforms. Once you’re an influencer, you can make an income by working with brands, through sponsored posts, creating content, hosting giveaways, etc. You are using your platform to share products you love and get paid for it. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates or affiliate marketing is when you start making relationships with brands and sell through them. You can start by seeing if brands you know, use, and love have an affiliate program, and apply to the program.

Once you are approved, you can share your affiliate links in many different places. You can share on Facebook, on Instagram, on a blog, in an email list, or wherever you have an audience! You are now getting paid for your recommendations.  

Start a Blog

Blogging is a great long-term option for making money online. You’ll want to begin by setting up a website, I recommend using and choosing a hosting platform like BlueHost! You want to choose and not Wix or Squarespace as it allows you to grow and will adapt to your needs in the long run. Once you have your site set up, regularly post valuable content by writing about what those in your niche would be searching for online.

Want more information on setting up a blog? You can check out my blogging resources page here!

What are people asking you about? Is there a certain skill set you are an expert in?

Start a Business (Service Based/Consulting)

If you are starting a service based or consulting business, you are making money from selling your knowledge. What are people asking you about? Is there an area where you have skills you can share? Is there a certain skill set you are an expert in?

Maybe you’ve learned a skill from being an influencer, from your job or your career and people are looking to hone in on that skill. Consulting is an easy way to make money selling your knowledge or advice to help others fine-tune the skills you’ve perfected or mastered. 

Selling Courses

Courses are a popular way to organize and sell your knowledge and have it all together in an organized way. You can create a membership or a course (like the ones I offer) to sell it in a way that is more passive. Creating a course or membership provides you with the most freedom because you’re not exchanging hours for dollars – you do it once and continue to sell over and over again. 

The most freedom comes from courses - you're not exchanging time for dollars


If you are looking for more support when it comes to making money online, I can help! Shoot me a message or look for one of my coaching programs or courses


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