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Escape With this 3-Day California to Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Looking for the perfect California to Arizona road trip itinerary? Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and return refreshed in just 3 days.

Road trips are a super fun way to unwind at the last minute without hopping on a plane. Imagine the feeling of letting go of all your worries and city-based stress while you take to the road. 

Your Arizona Road Trip Itinerary Starts in Los Angeles

How about a trip that takes you through the elements and helps you to find your way back to your true self, and in only 3 days? This is precisely what this California to Arizona road trip itinerary has to offer.

But how far is Los Angeles from Phoenix? It’s about 370 miles which would be about a 6-hour drive with no stops. Make sure to plan accordingly to make your stops along the way. 

As your road trip journey unfolds, you can use this time as a path to feeling more peaceful. Explore and enjoy your temporary freedom away from work, responsibilities, and any other barriers to mindfulness. For a few days, you’re free from all of the things that stop you in your everyday life. This is the perfect opportunity to reboot your stressful life into a mindful path.

Are you ready for the journey?  

3-Day California to Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Break the Barriers to Mindfulness by Being Free Like a Bird in LA

How about starting your California to Arizona road trip along the water? When you embark on a mindful path, you can’t ignore the natural peacefulness that emanates from the ocean.

If you’re a confident sailor with a pair of sturdy sea legs, you should check the boat sharing option in the local boat clubs of Los Angeles.

You’ll love being free with a day out on the water, letting the wind be your lead, and smelling the salt in the air. There is a sense of liberation and escapism on the water.

It’s the ideal beginning for the dive into a world of mindfulness. Your day of sailing in LA will allow your mind to begin to relax.

Hike To Havasu Falls

Day 2: Embrace Your Inner Thelma and Louise 

You might not be ready for quite a dramatic road trip as Thelma and Louise, but there is a story of friendship, freedom, and escapism in the film that we can all relate with.

As I said, the California to Arizona road trip will probably take about 6 hours. You’ll have a quiet day of driving and stopping along the road. Take your time, listen to some music, and you’ll uncover some precious little shops and restaurants on the way. There’s no need to race.

Stop in Indio, a Spanish-inspired town, for a tasty date shake. If you’re looking for a healthy and nourishing drink, this one will rock your taste buds!

Things to do in Indio

Day 3: Reborn from the ashes in Phoenix

Finally, as you get closer to Arizona, the landscape changes and the weather gets a bit drier. But at the same time, there is a different richness you get from your surroundings. Phoenix is a hot place, and its vegetation and wildlife have adapted.

From the cactus surviving in desert conditions to the lively ranches, Phoenix gives you insight into adaptability. If you’re struggling with a stressful job in a busy town, you’ll appreciate the lesson you can learn from the creative solutions that the Phoenix wildlife have created to adapt to their challenging environment.

Search HOTELS in Phoenix

3-Day California to Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Could you spare three days to chill out and reset?

Then this California to Arizona Road Trip Itinerary will be perfect for you. 🙂

Enjoy the journey!


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