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Do you easily save money? Most people don’t. Have you ever wanted to take a last minute trip but didn’t have the extra money set aside? What a bummer to miss out on a spontaneous getaway! Be prepared for your next adventure by using these exact steps to save money the super easy way. Saving money for anything, much less travel, is a common problem for most people. I understand that everyone has a different financial situation and that there’s no one size fits all solution. These are the systems I use myself that have helped me tremendously. You can easily set them up today and start saving for your next trip right now.

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Save Money the Easy Way

I’m a huge fan of making things easy. If there’s any way to hack something, I am all in! We’re all really busy in our daily lives and when we take the extra effort out of something then it’s way more likely to actually get done. Saving money is definitely one of those things that won’t get done unless there’s a real plan in place. The easiest way I’ve found to start saving money immediately is to let an app do the work for you or use a system of automation. Here are my 3 favorite savings apps that I use simultaneously for maximum saving.

1. Digit

This is an app that helps you save money without even thinking about it. Use that money to fund your travels or whatever else you like. Digit works by analyzing your incoming funds along with your personal spending habits. Then it finds small amounts of money to set aside for you in a secure savings account. You can always tell Digit to “save more” or “save less” until you find the perfect fit that works with your lifestyle. I’ve loved using this app and it’s helped me save so much money without ever really noticing that it’s gone. It goes into a separate account where I don’t see it, and it accumulates out of sight. The next thing you know, you’ll have a few hundred dollars saved so you can easily grab an error fare if one hits! If you need to access that money you can do so at any time. Just send a text to Digit and tell it to withdraw x amount and the funds will be in your bank account within 1-2 business days.


2. Qapital

Qapital is another favorite savings app. This app lets you put certain “rules” in place which actually makes saving kinda fun! My favorite rule is the “round up” rule. With this rule, the app rounds up every purchase to the nearest dollar and you save the difference. Say I spent $2.25 on a coffee, Qapital will round up and deposit that $0.75 into a secure savings account. I never even notice the change is gone which helps me save lots of money the super lazy way. You get to choose which rules you like and add as many as you want. I like adding a few rules at a time so that I am saving even more.  You can modify the rules or pause them at any time.



3. Acorns

Another app for investing your spare change is the Acorns app. Similar to the “round up” rule in Qapital, Acorns app will invest your spare change from your purchases. Like the others, this app links with your bank account and credit cards, rounding up daily purchases and automatically investing the ‘change’ into a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds. The idea is to create an easy entry into the stock market for younger, new investors, removing traditional entry barriers such as high fees and buy-in prices. This is a good idea for long term saving but also works for short term saving as well. Use this link to get $5 towards your first investment.

4. Auto Saving

If you are outside of the USA or can’t download these apps, head on over to your bank and setup an automatic savings account. This is very easy to do! Once you do it, you can set it and forget it. Start with as little as $10 a week. The important thing is to start! Later on, you can raise the amount as you get more comfortable. It adds up quicker than you think and you’ll have your travel fund ready to go when you need it.

Do It Now!

Did you already download the 3 apps listed above? No? Go and do it now! I’ll wait here. If you don’t do it now, then you never will. Trust me on this one. You’ll thank me later from the Carribean, I promise. 🙂

  1. After you’ve downloaded Digit, go ahead and link your bank account and initiate your first transfer. Digit will then take it from there.
  2. After you download Qapital, go ahead and set a goal and make your first rule.
  3. Download Acorns and make your first small investment to receive your $5 credit.

Congrats! Now you’re all set up! Saving money has never been easier. Soon you’ll reap the benefits of automatic saving and be ready to plan your next adventure!

Plan Your Adventure

I use all of these apps simultaneously and have saved thousands of dollars without even noticing it was gone. It allows me to always have extra money saved up for my travel fund, especially when an error fare pops up! Now that you’ve got money in the bank it’s time to start finding the best deals on flights. To join me on my next group travel experience, enter your email here for updates on group trips.

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