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Savvi Lifestyle Co recently launched a line of fitness clothing called Savvi Fit along with Savvi Everyday and Savvi Luxe, lines dedicated to athleisure, everyday clothing, and more upscale, luxury designs. By becoming a Savvi Brand Partner, you become a part of a team of women who support and encourage each other while wearing super cute Savvi fashion!

Wanna join me? Let’s be friends! I work super closely with my entire team of 100+ & empower them to succeed.

Just send me a message on Instagram here. 🙂

Joining the Savvi team has been such a fun outlet for me during a time when I can’t really go out due to COVID. It’s fun, it’s fashion, it’s clothing, and it’s women empowering each other – all the things I love!

I get to work with friends (old & new) and empower women to really create something that they love. Plus, since Savvi just started in January 2020 and is still in pre-launch, there is really no better time to get in and start earning!

But can you actually make money with Savvi? Or is Savvi a “scam” just to get women to invest in something that goes nowhere?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Savvi Fit compensation plan and my own personal experiences with being a Brand Partner at Savvi.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a commission with no extra charge to you.

Some of my local Savvi Fit team members

What is Savvi?

Savvi is a women’s fashion brand founded by Ken Porter & designed by Rachel Domingo. The brand’s goal is to help every woman feel exceptional while wearing clothing and has a strong focus on body positivity, inclusivity, and ethnic diversity, which I absolutely LOVE!

Savvi Fit is the fitness & athleisure line the company offers. With leggings, sports bras, tanks, tees, hoodies, jackets, and more, Savvi Fit is perfect for lounging at home, running errands, and of course, working out! This line tends to be everyone’s favorite, and it’s super fun!

If you are a fan of Lululemon, Fabletics, or Alo, Savvi is the perfect combination of all three. You’ve got the quality of Lululemon, the weekly drops of Fabletics, and the fashion sense of Alo all in one line. How amazing is that?!

The quality is above & beyond, my tops are all buttery soft, and the leggings truly feel like a second skin.

Savvi Everyday is the company’s signature line of everyday women’s wear. This collection has staples for your everyday life whether you’re working at home and need to look put together for your Zoom meetings or heading into the office. With a mix of classics and on-trend fashion designs, Savvi Everyday has dresses, jumpsuits, tops, pants, skirts, and more.

I have a really classic style and love to add timeless pieces to my closet. The Everyday line has a great mix of trendy and classic staples to fit my personal style. I find pieces I can wear forever as well as the trends that are hot right now to mix and match while creating my own style and looks.

The newest collection offered by Savvi is the Savvi Luxe line. These higher-end pieces offer luxury designs and high-quality fabrics to give you that luxe look for less! This line is also classic but a little higher end. With cozy sweaters, comfortable dresses, and more, this line is like a little more luxury version of the Everyday line for those discerning shoppers. 

Check out all three lines and shop Savvi here!

Savvi Everyday dress
Savvi Fit fashion
Savvi Luxe dresses

How Can I Get Wholesale Prices & How Can I Earn Money with Savvi?

Let’s say you just want to get Savvi fashion at wholesale prices. By becoming a brand partner, even if you never make a sale, you still get to buy all these super cute pieces of clothing at wholesale prices. If you love Savvi and plan to buy anyway, why not become a brand partner?

If you want to earn more, start wearing and sharing. As people see the clothing on you, they start asking where you got the piece. You can give them your link, and they can shop just like normal. You don’t have to market it to anyone if you don’t want to, and you can still get sales.

You also get $25 coupons to give out to your customers so they can shop. I don’t know about you, but if you give me a $25 gift card, I’m definitely going to spend it! 🙂 By giving out these $25 coupons, others are likely to shop through your link and try Savvi. When they shop using your link, you earn 25% commission.

If someone shops through your link and buys an outfit, let’s say they spend $100. You earn $25 for that person buying something that they were going to buy anyway. How easy is that?

Become a Savvi Brand Partner here! My Enroller’s Referral Code is “KameliaB”.

Savvi Fit workout clothes

What is the Savvi Fit Compensation Plan?

You can find the full Savvi Fit compensation plan here, but I’m going to break down the basics of the compensation plan for you as well.

You earn 25% commission on retail purchases. As an influencer, I’m already used to doing affiliate links with brands. When someone buys through my affiliate link, I earn a commission. With Savvi, I earn 25% commission. That’s phenomenal and way higher than any other affiliate links I’ve used!

To earn additional income and really increase your earnings, you can also build a team under you. You earn even more for having brand partners join your team, as well as for the volume of their sales and yours.

For the team structure, you have “legs”. My direct legs (Level 1) are the people who are directly under me. They are my first connection. If they bring on someone under them, they are my second leg (Level 2). I earn a commission from the people who are in my “legs” and everyone under them for up to 7 generations.

You can also earn bonuses for being on the Executive, Advanced Executive, or above levels with Savvi. Since we are still in Pre-Launch the potential for massive wealth is huge! Imagine having passive income for life!

The team structure is where you can really earn that kind of life-changing income. Because Savvi is so new, by getting in early, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to quickly grow a large team under you before it gets too saturated. 

Even if you have brand partners or customers under you who just shop for themselves, it’s a way for you to earn passive income. If friends love your sense of style and love to shop, they can sign up through your link and as they continue buying new outfits, you get to earn that passive income without even having to think about it.

To earn your commissions each month, you do have to be considered “Active”. To earn the Active designation, you have to spend $99 for yourself or sell $100 retail. Joining the $99 Style Club is perfect for me. I get to stay “Active”, get 25% off of retail prices and earn commissions from my customers, my entire team, and even on my own purchases!

It’s really up to you how large you want to grow your team and how much time and energy you want to put into marketing the products to earn commissions. You can earn just through sharing your link or through building your team or both.

To learn more & join my team of Savvi fashionistas supporting each other, click here and use my Enroller Code “KameliaB”! If you have any questions just send me a message!

Savvi Everyday dresses
Savvi Fit clothing

What Is the Cost to Start with Savvi?

When you join, you purchase a Value Pack for either $249, $499 or $999. We call them Good, Better & Best cause that’s truly what they are based on their value. The Enroller Packs include Savvi fashion items and promotional items to help you get started.

The $249 gives you $150 shopping credit and 2 $25 share codes. 

The $499 package will give you $500 shopping spree and 8 $25 share codes. 

The $999 Enroller Pack includes a $1100 shopping spree. (You get to spend more than you paid!) You’ll also get 20 $25 share codes.

I highly recommend the $999 package because it’s the best value and really gets you started sharing Savvi right away by wearing and sharing.

Plus, you get the business, your own back office, a dedicated shopping app, and promotional items like a hat, a t-shirt, a water bottle. 

These all help you get the Savvi name out there. When people ask you about it, you’ve got the link to share with them. The share codes also make it super easy to start earning right away.

Here’s a quick glance at all the enroller packs. 




If you can’t afford a $999 pack, I highly recommend the $499 pack. This is the best option if you want to start your own business but can’t afford the $999 package to start.

If you don’t want any clothes whatsoever, you can still sign up and get access to the business for $99. I’m not a fan of this option because it doesn’t come with any clothes. The best part of this business is the amazing clothing and I wouldn’t want you to miss out! 

Once you have your Enroller Pack, you can start marketing the Savvi clothing lines in any way that feels comfortable to you. Each item someone buys through your link earns you a commission.


Buy your Savvi Enroller Pack here by using my code “KameliaB”!

Savvi Fit athleisure clothes

Why Did I Join Savvi?

My full-time job is an Instagram coach for influencers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. I love my job, and I had no interest in starting a new thing. A friend reached out to me with Savvi, and at first, I said, “No thanks!”

I ended up buying a package to support my friend and to try the clothing, and I loved it! Then I saw my friend make a ton of money REALLY fast, and that’s when this opportunity really grabbed my attention. I knew I wanted to get in with Savvi right away and give it a try.

The best part of being on the Savvi team is that you earn for wearing and sharing. In the age of influencer marketing, you can share your fashion choices on social media and earn an income when people love the pieces and want to get them for themselves.

Savvi Everyday sweater and leggings
Savvi Everyday clothes

Can You Actually Make Money with Savvi Though?

When I joined Savvi, I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to market the clothing. I stay super busy with my coaching business and with life in general (fiancé, two step-kids, a dog, friends, etc.), and I didn’t have time to constantly reach out to people about Savvi. I wasn’t sure how I would do, but I loved the clothing and wanted to give it a try.

In my first two months with Savvi, I made over $3,000 from Savvi! That blows my mind. Without even putting much effort into it, my Savvi sales took off and allowed me to make extra income on top of my coaching income.

Who wouldn’t love to have an extra $3,000 without having to do much work for it? I’ve got my coaching business that takes up most of my time, but I’m still able to earn this kind of income in just the first two months. I just hang out with my friends, shop, share, and earn. It’s really been a no brainer for me.

Savvi Luxe dress
Savvi fashion
Savvi Everyday fashion

Is Savvi Right for You?

If you are like some of the women who reach out to me and want a business in a box, a business you can start without really having to go through the work of starting from scratch, Savvi could be a great fit for you.

In addition to getting to shop Savvi at wholesale prices, Savvi gives you another stream of income. At a time when more and more women are shopping online, you can reach those women and help them find fashionable clothing while earning a living from home.

Think about this; at some point, you’re going to shop anyway. You’re going to buy clothing, so why not buy it at wholesale prices and earn income when you wear and share? How many times have you had someone say, “Oh, I love your dress/top/pants/leggings/etc?” Now you can earn a commission if friends love your style!

Savvi Luxe dress
Savvi Everyday fashion

How Can I Join Savvi?

If you’re ready to start shopping Savvi and find some cute new clothes to wear, just click here

Use code SHARE25 to get $25 OFF your first purchase!

If you want to get in with Savvi and start earning money for wearing cute clothes and sharing them with your friends, you can get started right here by using code “KameliaB”.

If you have any questions about Savvi, feel free to email me or send me a message on Instagram!

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