Intuitive Business & Life Coaching + Success Mindset

Welcome to The Freedom Frequency

You know you can have it all.

You’re ready to live up to your true potential.

You’re already successful in many areas.

You also know that you’re meant for more.

You’re being called to the next level. 

And it’s time to set yourself FREE.

Intuitive Business Coach, Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m so glad you’re here. That means you’re ready to answer the call deep inside of you.  

I’m Kamelia, and I’m a travel-loving ex-nurse turned serial entrepreneur, intuitive business coach & freedom mentor. 

I believe that we’re all Limitless creators and that the journey to freedom begins from within. 

Over the last 10 years, I went from being a burnt-out nurse to an online home care Agency Owner to a Reiki Master & Instructor / ThetaHealer / Hypnotist / Meditation Master to a Travel Blogger / Instagram Influencer to an Instagram Coach to a Breast Cancer Conqueror to a Mindset & Intuitive Business Coach. 

I’ve always seized the day & ever since beating Cancer in 2020 I’m even more about living a life of Freedom & creating a Legacy that will outlive my time here on Earth.

I’ve been deep into the spiritual world ever since 2010 when I had a very scary life event that landed me in the emergency room. It had me question EVERYTHING about life. Since that moment I’ve developed some special gifts that I’ve been using to support my clients.

One of my spiritual gifts is that I’m able to intuitively tap into your subconscious within minutes, then unlock & extract what’s keeping you stuck. We discover the root of where it came from, then dismantle the belief within the quantum field, take its power away & replace it with your chosen belief. We work through a mix of modalities as I’m guided by what you need through intuition & channeling. This Unlocks the block so you’re Free to calibrate to the next level of Success in your life.

I know it’s my true purpose to help others discover their own version of Inner & Outer Freedom. To Free their Minds, Love their Bodies & Fulfill their Soul’s Purpose. To support you in releasing your blocks so you can feel Free & Empowered to bring 100% of YOUR gifts to the world!

Unlock The Freedom Codes


Discover your soul path through self-awareness. Tap into your intuition and your true desires. What’s your dream? Redefine your own version of success and design your life vision.


Create your Limitless Legacy. What would you do if you couldn’t fail? What would you create if you knew you had the right support and a proven system?   


Connect to your intuition. Your soul’s true desires. What is asking to be created through you? Develop self-trust and confidence in your abilities to uplevel.


Calibrate your energy to the Freedom Frequency. This is where Aligned Abundance lives. You are worthy of all you desire. Step into your true power. This is where life becomes limitless.  


Commit to yourself & your success. Continue to Evolve & Grow into the highest expression of you. Feel completely Empowered & Free to receive all that you desire. 

Who is this program for? 

YOU. If you are here, there is no coincidence. You’re ready for more. The truth is that we’re all worthy of what we desire, but somehow we’ve forgotten. I’m here to help you remember and guide you back to your true power. 

Everything you desire is waiting for you.

You get to have it all.

Are you READY?


Lauren had tried lots of different mindset programs, meditation, and journaling every morning, but once she discovered The REV Method™ opportunities started coming to her out of nowhere and her whole life changed for the better. She loves the simplicity of it and that she gets to choose how to use this success mindset tool in all aspects of her life from business to personal. 

Barbara was trying to build a new business and found it hard because she didn’t have support from her friends & family. There was no one there to cheer her on and she often felt like giving up. Through the program, she gained the steps, accountability, and support she needed to build her confidence & embody her entrepreneurial spirit. Barbara shares that this path of personal growth was worth “more than gold” for her. 

Shelby had a lot of things happen in her business that she wasn’t prepared for and being a part of our community has been a source of positivity in her life. She always leaves our calls feeling refreshed and describes them as “a breath of fresh air”. She’s thankful for an empowering community of women that lift her up no matter what happens. After her coaching calls, she leaves feeling ready to take on the world. Her confidence has blossomed beautifully and she often says she now “feels like a million bucks”.

Valentina was feeling stuck in her job and also feeling shy and unsure about putting herself out there online. She is now feeling excited again and more confident about sharing herself. Now, no matter what happens, she’s confident going in her own direction. She’s discovered how her mindset has changed and empowered her to do that. Valentina has gotten more clients simply by sharing more of who she is. 

This program gives you the extra support and confidence you need to create your perfect version of success based on your life goals. What I thought was self-doubt, was actually a fear of success that was keeping me stuck. Kamelia is great at seeing the real you and helping you work through the blocks. 10/10 recommend!
I found The REV Method™ to be super helpful in overcoming Imposter Syndrome. You can use it anytime on any goal and it works! I think out of everything we learned, that's what I'll most carry forward in my life!
I really liked how Kamelia gave me continuous support on my ideas, but also told me straight when I went off track or doubted myself. Kamelia is a great mindset coach and really helps you believe in yourself! She is really good at getting across the importance of affirmations and a positive mindset. I'm so grateful for this program.
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women
Success Mindset Coach & Life coach for women