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As you scroll through your Instagram feed, you see all the beautiful places you haven’t been to yet. Your Wanderlust Gene gets activated and you vow to take a trip soon. Dreaming is the fun part, but now comes the planning.

More Questions Than Answers

Where do you find the best deals? How much time do you need to explore? Are you maximizing your resources? You don’t know what you don’t know. So how can you prepare for that? You research for weeks and scour the internet collecting information. You read a million reviews and eventually, they are so jumbled in your brain that you can’t even remember what you read where. There is so much information out there which can sometimes confuse you even more. You finally end up making a decision and booking your trip. You wonder if you’re getting the best deal but you hope for the best because you’re exhausted with the process and overloaded with all of the extraneous information.


I know how you feel because that’s exactly how I felt when I first started out. When I booked my first overseas trip to Italy, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I read tons of reviews and felt confused. I overpaid for flights, and I had no idea how to get around once I got there. I made every mistake you could make and ended up wasting so much valuable time, and money, on things I hadn’t known to plan for. I wish there had been someone there to turn to and show me what I didn’t know. Instead, It took me years to learn by trial and error.


Fontana della Barcaccia

Italy – 2006


Get Instant Access to 10+ Years of Experience

After traveling extensively for over a decade, I have learned ALOT! I have explored 24 countries as of today with no plans to slow down. I have enjoyed everything from around the world trips to weekend getaways and even lived overseas in Australia for 4 years. I have planned and booked quite a few excursions in my day. My philosophy is always to save where you can so you can splurge where it counts. Let me show you how to use your resources wisely to maximize your experience.

Wanna Fly First Class For Coach Prices?

Would you rather pay $1200 for an international flight in coach, or slash that price to $193 for the same seat? How about upgrading that $193 seat to first class for $800 and flying in style across the world for the same price that others paid for a coach ticket? Why not get the same things you would buy anyway, but at a lower price? I can show you how, or I can even find it for you.


Save Time AND Money

Don’t waste hours of your life and still overpay. Do you really want to search online for hours feeling overwhelmed and still have no answers? Or, would you like to have a fun Skype call with me and pick my brain for one hour? I can tell you which one is more productive. 😉

Get the Right Advice FOR YOU!

Tell me your exact scenario and I’ll give you the best answer for your personal situation. Let me slice through all of the extraneous information and point you in the right direction, the right direction for you. Every situation is different. Planning a solo trip to Bali is much different than a couples trip to Turks & Caicos. I have done both, and I can tell you how to find the best deals on each, from my own experience. I can even find your flights for you if you prefer.

Let Me Cure Your Headache

I have 10+ years of experience and I watch flight prices like people watch the stock market. I know a good deal when I see one and when to hold out. I have become highly efficient with my resources, and that has allowed me to create the life of my dreams. I would love to help you do the same.

Learn to extract the most value out of your travel experience with the resources that you have. Save where you can now, so you can splurge later without the guilt. Where there’s a will there’s a way and I’m constantly finding new ways. You can reap the benefits. Things are changing daily and I am always watching, so that I can help you save time and money on all of your travel needs.

Got travel questions? Want help planning your next trip? Book your personal consultation HERE!


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