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We’ve all been there. Sitting down to write out an Instagram caption for the day and planning out our Instagram content for the week while picking the perfect hashtags. What can you say that you haven’t already said before? Asking yourself why people aren’t engaging more with your posts.

Some types of content will resonate more with your audience than others. Having an idea of the best types of Instagram posts makes it easier to sit down and plan out your future content. It also helps you to be able to connect with and build your audience.

On those days you feel stuck and can’t think of anything to post about, come back to this list of the 5 best types of Instagram posts. These posts will help you build your know, like, and trust factors to help grow your community and get more conversions for your business.

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Inspirational Posts

These types of Instagram posts are your feel-good posts. Maybe you tell a story or share a quote that inspires you in some way. An inspirational post could also make someone aspire to do something or could even share value in an inspirational way.

For example, maybe you’re posting a photo of you traveling to a beautiful bucket list destination like Bora Bora. This could inspire someone to visit the same hotel for their upcoming honeymoon or romantic getaway. Make sure you also share value by telling them where the location is so they can gain value and inspiration all at once.

Inspirational posts can also make someone think. For example, it could be something that gives them an “Aha!” moment or that makes them think about a topic or issue you feel passionate about.

Write content that inspires your audience

Educational Posts

The next type of Instagram caption idea to use is an educational post. You can also create graphics or Instagram stories that educate your audience as well.

If you’re a business, use educational posts to teach your audience about your product or service. Show the high quality of your offers, how they can be useful, or what makes them unique. If you’re a coach or a service-based business, show your expertise in this area and give free value to your audience through educational posts.

Educational posts don’t have to only be reserved for your feed. You can create longer-form content through IGTV or even give a mini-training through stories. You can even go live with your audience so they can ask questions about a hot topic. Or you can do a question and answer session through your stories.

If you’re an influencer or content creator, educate your audience on tips and tricks related to your niche. If you’re in travel, teach people how to plan a trip or how to find amazing travel deals. For fashion or beauty influencers, you could teach how to put together the perfect outfit or share your favorite beauty routines.

Educating your audience helps them gain value and keeps them coming back for more in the future.

Write content that educates your audience on Instagram

Entertaining Posts

For those of you with a great sense of humor, entertaining others often comes naturally. Use that to your advantage and create content that entertains your audience and keeps them coming back.

Even if entertaining others with humor doesn’t come naturally for you, entertaining posts don’t necessarily have to mean that you are using humor. You can share creative content that shows them something that maybe they haven’t seen before, like a beautiful ocean view from a hotel in the Maldives.

Entertaining posts could involve embarrassing moments or even funny experiences you’ve personally had. It could be all about sharing bloopers and outtakes to show the reality of what goes into creating the amazing content you normally post.

Don’t be afraid to add some entertainment to your feed and stories to let your creativity and sense of humor show.

Use entertaining Instagram posts to entertain your audience

Connection Posts

Connecting with your audience should be the goal in the majority of your content, but there are some posts that are specifically meant to strengthen that connection.

It’s important to show who you really are or what your business really stands for. Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable with your audience in connection posts. You could show behind the scenes of what it takes for your business to work or how you worked so hard to get that perfect shot.

Be human and be real with your audience. Yes, you want to inspire them, but you also want them to see you as a real person too.

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One of the best types of Instagram posts is when you connect with your audience

Posts That Sell or Promote Your Products & Services

Yes, it’s okay to sell or promote your products and services in your posts and stories. You want to show the value of what you offer and show how it can benefit them. After you’ve built a connection with your audience and identified their pain points, show them how you can help with the solution to their problem.

People don’t want to constantly see sales pitches without you giving some value. Mix in some inspirational, educational, or entertainment posts with your promotion posts. You can also combine all five best types of Instagram posts to get your message across.

When you sell on Instagram, make sure you show value

Creating the Perfect Instagram Content

Now that you have these five types of Instagram posts to refer to, don’t be afraid to mix them up. You don’t have to have a post that only inspires – it can inspire and entertain at the same time for example.

As you plan out future content, try each of these types of posts, and see what resonates best with your audience. Mix and match to create Instagram posts that increase the bond with your community and also increase your engagement.

As you start to see what works, you can use those types of posts more often with your audience. Even after you’ve found what works best, don’t be afraid to come back to this blog post and mix in some of the other types of content as well. You may find that some types of content do better as feed posts while other types do better as stories.

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