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Travel Hacking 101

Want to travel the world? Maybe you’ve traveled, but you’d like to learn some new tricks that will allow you to experience First Class travel without breaking the bank. Watch this video and get started with a little Travel Hacking 101.

This was a LIVE stream Q&A that I did on Instagram for my amazing community. You asked – I answered. I’m posting here so that it lives on and more people can get started. There were some great questions and answers during the live stream. Even though you can’t see the comments coming in, I’ll read out the questions, so you’ll be able to follow along pretty easily.

Travel Hacking 101 talks about how to get started using credit cards to accumulate points and miles. You can redeem the points and miles for all kinds of travel, and yes that includes FIRST CLASS TRAVEL! (Ballin’ on a budget!) This is how I got started with travel hacking way back in 2006.

Since then I’ve been able to TRAVEL the world for FREE or for very cheap using these exact strategies!

In Travel Hacking 101, I’ll also cover what NOT to do!

This is a basic overview on how to get started. If you have any other questions then leave a comment below so that I can answer them in a new post!


Originally from small-town Orange, Texas, I never traveled as a kid. After moving to San Diego, California in 2005 as a travel nurse, I decided to take my first big overseas trip to Europe in 2006.

Shortly after, I learned about “travel hacking” and discovered “error fares” which allowed me to travel to a new country every month for pennies on the dollar.

In 2016, I started a blog and built a course on how I found these crazy deals. I started sharing my travels to inspire others to get out and live their own adventure while sharing my own tips, experiences, and inspiration.

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