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Travel Hacking Made Easy With Error Fares

It was a typical Sunday, and I was at brunch with a friend. My friend excused herself to the restroom for a few minutes and by the time she got back it was done. I had officially booked a round trip flight to Copenhagen for a grand total of $193.40. This is a perfect example of travel hacking at it’s best. This is how I did it and how you can do it too.

For the Love of Travel

My first love is traveling and my second is a good bargain. If I can get a great deal on travel, then I’m a very happy girl. My passion for travel has driven me to continuously search for ways to hack the system and find the best deals. I have been travel hacking for a while now, and I love the thrill of the deal. I am not rich, my family isn’t rich, and I have no contacts in the flight industry. I’m actually a nurse and work full-time Monday-Friday. I’m just a regular girl who has put in the time and research to get what I want at a price I can be happy with. This is how I discovered travel hacking and error fares.

Mistakes Happen

This ticket to Europe was purchased as an error fare. I learned about error fares a few years ago when I scored an around the world ticket for $325. So what exactly is an error fare? An error fare is basically a mistake or glitch in the computer system of the airline. There are so many different algorithms and systems working together simultaneously that mistakes actually happen fairly often. I literally see them almost every day. No industry is perfect, and sometimes these mistakes are caused by human error. Sometimes the systems just don’t communicate all of the complex data to perfection causing a glitch. These errors happen often regardless of the reason, and there are websites dedicated to finding these errors and posting them publicly.

Be Prepared in Advance

There are many sites like this, and I have a few favorites. I follow these sites closely as well as their Facebook pages. If you want these updates to come right to you in your Facebook feed then you need to do a few things. First, click “like” on the Facebook page. Then you’ll need to go through and click “like” on a few of the articles that interest you, maybe even one about an error fare. Clicking “like” to any fan page is NOT enough. Facebook will show you the page’s posts in your feed temporarily, but if you do not engage with that particular page, then in time you will rarely see those posts on your feed. If you click that you “like” a post with error fares, then Facebook will try to give you more of what you “like”.

Be sure to like my Facebook page here to be notified of error fares & other travel deals! 

Be Quick

Since I had done all of this already I was used to getting deals through my feed. I know that with error fares you have to be QUICK! There is no time to overthink this. You literally have minutes before they find the glitch and correct it. Most all airlines and travel sites allow you to cancel within 24 hours of purchase with no questions asked and no fees. You need to read the fine print of course, but I personally have never had an issue. They have always honored my flight. There is an element of luck to error fares, but you can definitely set yourself up for success by taking these steps and knowing what to do when they magically hit.

When You Least Expect It, They Will Appear

On this lovely Sunday, I caught up with a friend and enjoyed a nice brunch. She walked away to the restroom for a few minutes and I grabbed my phone to scroll through Facebook to pass the time. Because I had engaged with this page before, Facebook had listed the post at the top of my feed. Here is the post.

This is obviously a great deal, and as an error fare, it will not last. I clicked on the link and purchased it as fast as I possibly could. I briefly skimmed the dates and times and entered in my information. The connection was a little slow which is typical because everyone else is trying to grab it too. Be persistent. Eventually, it went through, and I took a screenshot on my phone of the confirmation. You should always do this.

I booked this ticket so quickly that I accidentally capitalized the “M” in my first name! That should tell you how fast I was moving. However, the name is spelled correctly and matches my documents. That’s all that really matters. As you can see the base fare is listed here at $54. This is clearly an error. With that being said, airlines are not obligated to honor error fares. You need to wait a week or so before you make any other arrangements such as accommodation and transfers. The airline has the right to refund your money and cancel your flight, though this has never happened to me as of yet. I have always been able to receive confirmation in about a week and then start planning to enjoy my trip.

Be Patient & Put Your Phone Away

The biggest rule of error fares is this: DO NOT CALL THE AIRLINE FOR ANY REASON! Do not call them to confirm. Do not call them to ask any questions. Do not call to check for seat assignments. Do not call them, at all, for any reason. Got it? Good. You will alert them to the glitch and not only ruin it for everyone else, but they will likely cancel your ticket right then and refund your money. Be patient. Enjoy your brunch and get on with your day, just as I did.

Enjoy the Journey

My friend came back from the restroom and I was pretty much beaming with joy. In less than 10 minutes I had booked a round trip flight to Copenhagen for the price of a month of Starbucks! With certain protocols in place, you can do it too. I got my confirmation in 5 days on a Friday, and then I put in my request for time off of work. The flight was 2 months away so I had plenty of time to arrange my life.

I had an amazing stay in Copenhagen without paying for any accommodation. So my total spent for flight and lodging was still only $193.40. Travel hacking makes travel more accessible to everyone. I’m here to show you what has worked for me, so you can create your own Bucket List Lifestyle. The world is our playground. What are you waiting for?

Click here to learn all the rest of my travel hacking secrets!


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