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The error fare game was always very elusive to me, but in a very short time I was set up with all the right apps, pages, accounts, and websites to follow to find my first error fare! I liked the very easy to follow and practical tips for setting everything up, each step of the way. A few weeks later I ALMOST booked the deal of the century (Asia-Europe in business class for way less than even economy prices), but I was a bit too late. I wasn’t deterred however, and a month or so after that I got a notification to my phone for another great deal: Indonesia to India (8+ hours of flight time), return, for $200! I would never have known about these awesome flight deals without having taken this course. Thanks for the awesome course, Kamelia!
Nora Dunn
Travel Hacks Academy Student & Travel Blogger at The Professional Hobo
Thanks so much for this course! I found it incredibly helpful as I have just started to work whilst traveling myself, so this course has been really good timing for me. I never knew there were so many great deals out there! I will definitely be keeping an eye on the sites you have shared for all the good deals!
Travel Hacks Academy Student
This is a great course! Kamelia made the course easy to follow along with getting the notifications setup and I can say that the deals I’ve been receiving are pretty good!
Travel Hacks Academy Student