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The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is quite an interesting place. Things got even more interesting when Donald Trump himself made a visit to the wall, becoming the first sitting president to do so. I also paid a visit to the Wailing Wall on my first trip to Israel, and I wanted to share this special experience with you.

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Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem

Wailing Wall

My visit to Jerusalem was long awaited. I grew up in a Catholic family and had read the stories of the Holy Land as a child. Fast forward to adulthood and I now have a Jewish fiance’ who grew up in Israel, which makes it all even more interesting. Isreal is a country I’ve been curious about for quite some time. Within our time frame, I wasn’t able to explore all that I wanted to. However I did get to experience the Wailing Wall, and I’ll definitely be back soon to explore the rest.

The Wailing Wall, which is actually named the Western Wall, got its nickname because of the people that cry at the foot of it. It is considered to be the Holiest place in Jewish culture. The Old City of Jerusalem was completely destroyed and rebuilt nine different times. The Wailing Wall is the one thing that remained through it all.

It is also believed by many that the wall itself cries, but scientists haven’t bee able to explain the tear like water drops that have been seen on the Wailing Wall. The last time this reportedly happened was in 1940. This wall is quite mysterious. I wanted to go and see it for myself.

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Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem

Old City – Jewish Quarters

Old Meets New

Jerusalem wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. In my mind, I pictured an old city from another time, and part of it was. The Old City also happens to be right next to a very large shopping mall. I suppose that’s what happens after a couple thousand years. After driving through downtown Jerusalem, we parked at the mall and walked through the aisles of shops to the Old City.

Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem


To get to the wall you must also pass through the endless bazaar of colorful shops. There are thousands of trinkets and souvenirs here. You can bargain with the vendors if you spot something you adore. At the end of the bazaar, they split you up by religion. Here you must choose if you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim before passing through a metal detector.

Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem


You’ll also be split up by gender. Men and women are not allowed to pray together here at the Wailing Wall. The wall is broken down into male and female sections. The male section allows for celebrations, prayer, singing, and feasting while the women’s section only allows for praying and leaving prayer notes in the cracks of the wall.


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When I finally arrived at the wall there were so many guards and soldiers walking around with large guns in plain sight; I suppose it is very protected. You can understand why it’s the kind of a place where terrorists may choose to attack.

Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem

Soldiers & Guards were never far

For hundreds of years, people of all cultures have been bringing their prayer requests to the Wailing Wall. Prayers are written on a tiny piece of paper and inserted between the cracks of the wall. It is believed that all prayers placed here will come true. If you are unable to visit, you can hire someone to deliver your prayer to the wall for you. These notes are removed twice a year and buried on the Mount of Olives.

When visiting the Wailing Wall, you should have your prayer ready. There is no paper and pen waiting there for you. I managed to fit my prayer on a tiny piece of paper. Your prayer needs to fit in the tiniest crack and it can be tough to find an open spot among the hundreds of prayers. The cracks are pretty full, so the smaller the better.

Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem

Among the women and children, I waited my turn to pray at the wall. When I placed my hands gently on the cool stone, I felt a strong energy emanating from the wall, similar to breathing or even a pulse. The wall felt as if it were alive. I sto0d there for a moment and lay my head on the wall to absorb its energy where I could feel it coming through me. It was as if the wall and I were somehow connected. I wonder how many others have felt this experience. I reread my prayer and sealed my intention before choosing a small crack for its home.

Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem

My Prayer

As I walked away there were people who remained there to sit, pray or read their Bibles. There was a special celebration on the male side and young boys were dressed in gold capes.

Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem



There is a unique vibe in the Old City and I left with such a feeling of peace. If Israel is on your travel list, then I hope you’ll visit the Wailing Wall and experience this peace for yourself.

Wailing Wall Western Wall Jerusalem


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