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After being cooped up in the house during quarantine, driving from San Diego to Sedona made for the perfect weekend getaway. I also finally finished a year of aggressive cancer treatment and was ready to celebrate with a trip of course. 🙂

Sedona is an absolute gem and completely magical. You can just feel the good vibes when you arrive. A weekend in Sedona comes with red rock landscapes, endless nature walks, yummy food, happy vortex energy, and the most stunning sunsets. It’s everything you need to recharge your mind, body, and soul.

While I would’ve happily stayed longer, a weekend in Sedona, Arizona, is perfect. We were able to do the major hikes, take a jeep tour, and eat some amazing food, all while staying at the gorgeous Amara Resort. Amara made for the perfect base to explore Sedona all weekend so that we could see the best that Sedona has to offer.

Seonda landscapes from the town

The town of Sedona

Sedona scenery

Views of Sedona from the town

Driving from San Diego to Sedona

Driving from San Diego to Sedona takes about 7 hours. You can easily make the trip in a day and still make a couple of stops along the way. 

While we were driving from San Diego to Sedona, we randomly stumbled on the Imperial Sand Dunes in the southeast corner of California. It was such a pleasant surprise! The only downside? It was 117 degrees with the sun shining down on the sand!

My feet were boiling and I was pouring sweat, but I couldn’t resist exploring and getting some photos. They were such gorgeous sand dunes that I couldn’t miss out once I saw them! 🙂

Imperial Sand Dunes

Road trip from San Diego to Sedona for a weekend in Sedona Arizona

The Best Things to Do in Sedona Besides Hiking

Sedona is known for hiking, but I’m going to cover the best things to do in Sedona that aren’t hiking first. Don’t worry – we did plenty of hiking while we were there and worked up quite the appetite every day!

Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a church built into the red rocks that Sedona is known for. Built by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the front of the church is a large cross that stands out in the surrounding landscape.

It’s open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Christmas and Easter (closed those days). Parking is limited, and there is a little bit of a walk uphill to the church.

There aren’t any services at the chapel anymore, but it’s a popular spot to visit in Sedona. The views from the church make the visit completely worth it. You get stunning views of the surrounding rocky landscape from the chapel.

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona

View from Holy Cross Chapel in Sedona

Inside of Holy Cross Chapel in Sedona

Pink Jeep Tours – Broken Arrow Tour

If you’re going to do a tour in Sedona, it has to be with Pink Jeep Tours! The whole tour is done in an open-air pink Jeep Wrangler, so how can you go wrong?

We chose the Broken Arrow Tour because it is the only tour that lets you go four-wheeling on top of the red rocks. The tour takes about 2 hours and costs $124 per adult (child rates and private tour rates are also available). 

Throughout the tour, you take in some of the best views of Sedona and the surrounding landscapes. There are chances to stop and walk to viewpoints along the way too so that you can snap some pictures while you are on the tour. This was such a fun tour and worth every cent!

Pink Jeep Tours Broken Arrow Tour Sedona

Pink Jeep Tours Broken Arrow Tour Sedona

The Best Hikes in Sedona

The hikes in Sedona are absolutely amazing! I fell in love with Sedona and all the hikes we did there. We definitely got our exercise in Sedona!

Soldier Pass Trail

Soldier Pass trail is a great hike for an average hiker. At 4.5 miles roundtrip, it’s long enough and challenging enough but not too long or too difficult. Plus, there is plenty to see on the hike – don’t miss The Sinkhole and the Seven Sacred Pools.

You get to The Sinkhole about a quarter of a mile into the trail. The sinkhole continues growing as it continually collapses. Even if you’ve seen it before, you might want to check it out again to see if it has changed since your last visit.

The Sinkhole at Soldier's Pass


The Sinkhole

Secret Arches at Soldier Pass Trail


Secret Arches

Seven Sacred Pools at Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona


Seven Sacred Pools

About another half a mile down the trail, you’ll find the Seven Sacred Pools. In the summer, the pools can dry up, but after a good rain, these pools along the ridge of the Soldier Pass trail cascade into each other.  

Keep an eye out for the Secret Arches while you are hiking too. You can see them in the cliffs from the trail. There is also the Solder Pass Cave to check out if you have time.

Soldier Pass Trail

Seven Sacred Pools, Soldier Pass Trail in Sedonia


Seven Sacred Pools

Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona Arizona


Views from the trail

Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona


Soldier Pass Trail

Cathedral Rock

I’m not going to lie – this one is a tough hike for the climb! The views you get as a reward for your efforts make it worth it though. I was proud of myself for making it to the top right after finishing 20 rounds of radiation the week before!

The trail is about a mile long but climbs 550 feet high. Some parts of it aren’t so bad, but some parts feel like you are climbing straight uphill. If you go when the trail is wet, be careful as the rocks can get slippery.

Cathedral Rock Hiking Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock Hiking Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail

The parking is limited here, but because people are regularly finishing the hike and returning to their cars, if you wait a little bit you should be able to find a spot. Go earlier in the morning to avoid having to wait for a parking spot.

Make sure you take plenty of water and wear sunscreen for the hike. There is no shade, and Sedona can get extremely hot in the summer especially. You don’t want to run out of water or end up sunburned from the hike.

Cathedral Rock Hiking Trail

Cathedral Rock Hiking Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock Hiking Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail

Devil’s Bridge Hike

One of the most popular Instagram photo spots in Sedona is at Devil’s Bridge. If you want to find it less crowded, go early in the morning near sunrise. Later in the day it gets crowded, but people are usually good about waiting in line to get the famous photo they came for. 

The hike is about 4.4 miles if you don’t have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and about a mile each way if you do have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. You do need to purchase a Red Rock Pass for the trail for $5 and leave the pass displayed in your car. 

Most of the trail isn’t too bad, but there is one section where you have to climb up some rocks. Overall it wasn’t too bad of a hike though.

It really is an incredible natural landmark. I loved getting to see it in person and am so glad I did the hike. Standing on top of the arch was something I’d looked forward to doing in Sedona, and it did not disappoint!

Devil's Bridge hike in Sedona Arizona

Devil's Bridge hike in Sedona Arizona

Best Places to Eat in Sedona

We tried a few restaurants in our time in Sedona including the restaurant in the Amara Resort. I tried the roasted cauliflower veggie tacos for lunch there one day and loved them.

One of the places we ate away from the resort was ChocolaTree Organic Eatery. This restaurant claims to offer nourishment for the mind, body, and soul, and it lives up to that promise. I enjoyed a raw vegan lunch with my avocado herb sandwich, but they also have some non-vegan options too. The sandwich was tasty, and I highly recommend that you try the ginger lemonade if you go.

After our meal, we took a little bit of time to walk through the butterfly garden at the restaurant. How many restaurants do you know of with a butterfly garden?! It was so peaceful and is a great way to get a few minutes of peace and relaxation before or after your meal.

Raw vegan lunch in Sedona at ChocolaTree

Lunch in Sedona at ChocolaTree

Butterfly Garden at ChocolaTree

I can’t write this blog post without a huge shout-out to Dahl & DiLuca Ristorante Italiano. After our hike and Jeep tour, we had a huge appetite but left stuffed. From the rose petals on the table to the veggies that Lisa Dahl brought us to try to the multiple courses we ate, I can’t say enough good things about Dahl & DiLuca.

I had the truffle ravioli and it was so yum! Then for dinner I had the eggplant parmigiana and the seafood cioppino which was delicious. Even though I didn’t think I had any room left, when they brought out the creme brulee for dessert, I didn’t turn it down. Everything was perfection! 

Another restaurant in Sedona that we tried was Mariposa Sedona. Billed as fine dining with the best views, Mariposa was right about both. There are so many yummy things to choose from here and the staff can guide you as they are super helpful. I had a veggie dinner that was amazing, and the views are truly incredible. Make sure to book a reservation cause this place fills up!

Mariposa Restaurant in Sedona Arizona

Mariposa Restaurant in Sedona Arizona

Mariposa Restaurant in Sedona Arizona

 Where to Stay in Sedona

For our weekend in Sedona, we stayed the Amara Resort. I loved everything about the resort from the room to the restaurant to the pool. It made for a perfect place to stay in Sedona to explore the area and a great place to relax and recover from hikes.

Pool at Amara Resort in Sedona

Amara Resort lobby in Sedona

Pool at Amara Resort in Sedona

Why You Need a Weekend in Sedona Arizona

If you love beautiful landscapes, outdoor adventures, and delicious food to fill you up after a day of exploring, Sedona is for you. My weekend in Sedona left me feeling recharged and ready to get back to work.

As an Instagram business coach and entrepreneur, it can be hard to step back and take a break. Sedona was the perfect place to get the break I needed and be ready to give 110% to my clients again. If you are feeling rundown and need to get away and recharge your batteries, consider a weekend in Sedona.

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